Table of Contents
   Introductionp. xi
   Growing Pains
      Back to Schoolp. 1
      Guys and Dollsp. 8
      Pop Quizp. 14
      Bathtubs and Hot Waterp. 18
      Strange Fruitp. 23
   The Family that Preys
      Teaspoons of December Alabamap. 31
      A House is Not a Homep. 35
      Mother to Sonp. 41
   I'm Coming Out!
      Pridep. 53
      Age of Consentp. 58
      The Luckiest Gay Son in the Worldp. 66
      Coming Out in the Locker Roomp. 70
      When I Dare to Be Powerfulp. 83
   For Colored Boys
      To Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicidep. 93
      Mariconcitop. 96
      Chicagop. 103
      Better Daysp. 115
      One Day a DJ Saved My Lifep. 120
   When the Rainbow is not Enough
      No Asians, Blacks, Fats, or Femmesp. 129
      Alone, Outsidep. 136
      When the Strong Grow Weakp. 144
   Faith Under Fire
      The Holy Redeemerp. 153
      Coventry, Christ, and Coming of Agep. 154
      Religious Zombiesp. 167
      Preacher's Kidp. 176
   Love is a Battlefield
      I Still Think of Youp. 185
      Bad Romancep. 187
      Afraid of My Own Reflectionp. 194
      Just the Two of Usp. 195
      Hey, Youp. 205
      My Night with the Sunp. 208
      Love Your Truthp. 211
   Boys like Girls
      The Night Diana Diedp. 217
      Many Rivers to Crossp. 229
      Becoming Jessica Wildp. 241
   In Sickness and Health
      Umm…Okayp. 253
      Thank You, CNNp. 258
      The Testp. 264
      The Voicep. 277
      It's Only Love That Gets You Throughp. 284
   Power to the People
      We Cannot Forgetp. 293
      Poetry of the Fleshp. 294
      Casualties of Warp. 301
      How Do You Start a Revolution?p. 308
   Acknowledgmentsp. 319
   Contributorsp. 321