Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. ix
   Introductionp. 1
   The Ancient World
      The Near Eastp. 22
      Egyptp. 32
      Greecep. 38
      The Library of Alexandriap. 43
      Other Ancient Libraries and Aristotle's Lost Booksp. 55
      Chinap. 66
      Rome and Early Christianityp. 75
      Oblivion and the Fragility of Booksp. 88
   From Byzantium to the Nineteenth Century
      Constantinoplep. 94
      Between Monks and Barbariansp. 100
      The Islamic Worldp. 106
      Misplaced Medieval Fervorp. 114
      The Destruction of Pre-Hispanic Culture in the Americasp. 125
      The Renaissancep. 136
      Englandp. 149
      Revolutions in France, Spain, and Latin Americap. 158
      Fires, Wars, Mistakes, and Messiahsp. 172
      Books Destroyed in Fictionp. 188
   From the Twentieth Century to the Present
      The Rise of Fascismp. 200
      Censorship and Self-Censorship in the Modern Agep. 224
      China and the Soviet Unionp. 233
      Spain, Chile, and Argentinap. 243
      A Particular Kind of Hatredp. 251
      On the Natural Enemies of Booksp. 260
      Iraqp. 267
   Notesp. 283
   Bibliographyp. 301
   Index of Namesp. 337