Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 11
   Why Science?p. 14
   Why Now?p. 14
      Why me? Or: Do I have to be a microbiologist or a chemist to teach my kid about science?p. 15
      How do I do it?p. 15
   Before you begin: How to use this bookp. 17
      Icon Keysp. 20
   Chemistry and Polymersp. 21
      Wizzil: Pop Your Top!p. 23
      Strega Nona: Make your spaghetti "dance"p. 29
      George's Marvelous Medicine: Boiling up a witchy brew, then changing the colorp. 37
      Bartholomew and the Oobleck: Concocting colorful, sticky & gooey stuffp. 45
      The Book of Slime: Create something slimyp. 53
   Fun with Food Sciencep. 59
      The Butter Battle Book: Shake cream into butterp. 61
      Chocolate Fever: Three ways to let it melt in your mouthp. 69
      Ice Cream Larry: Freeze your own ice cream in a canp. 77
      Sad Sam and the Magic Cookies: Bake 'em soft & chewy or hard & crumblyp. 85
      Everybody Bakes Bread: Learn what makes dough risep. 95
      How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World: Make a fake apple pie with fun flavoringsp. 105
      Rechenka's Eggs: Dye eggs & create art using natural ingredientsp. 111
      Oliver's Milk Shake: Blow bubbles in milk & measure the foam!p. 119
      A Monster in My Cereal: Find the magnetic monster withinp. 127
   Air Science and Engineeringp. 133
      Air Is All Around You: Inflating a balloon with hot air & a soda bottlep. 135
      Hot-Air Henry: Build your own hot-air balloonp. 141
      Daisy and the Egg: Design a "nest" to protect an egg in flightp. 149
   Meteorologyp. 155
      A Drop Around the World: Create a mini water-cycle in a jar!p. 157
      Sector 7: Your very own ecosystem with cloudsp. 165
      Twister!: Make a "water tornado" in a bottlep. 173
   Acknowledgementsp. 182
      From the Authorp. 182
      Publisher Permissionsp. 184
   Author's Research Notes & Bibliographyp. 187