Table of Contents
   Forewordp. 06
   Introductionp. 08
   The Clean Section
      Why Clean Equals Leanp. 10
      Why Sugar Is Not So Sweet: Why giving up sugar will help you lose weight, feel great, and look youngerp. 20
      Cut the Crap*: (*that's caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, and processed foods)p. 32
      Why Stress Makes You Fat: Why how you eat-and not just what you eat-makes you fatp. 52
      Why (Good) Fat Makes You Slimp. 60
   The Lean Section
      Your 14-Day Kickstartp. 72
      Recipes and Kitchen Must-Havesp. 80
      Detox Yourself Beautifulp. 122
      Your Easy Exercise Planp. 132
      Staying Clean & Lean For Lifep. 166
   Indexp. 172
   Acknowledgmentsp. 174