Table of Contents
   Acknowledgementsp. 4
   Using the National Archivesp. 7
   Introductionp. 10
   Understanding Willsp. 12
      Why Wills Matter
      What is a Will?
      The Origin of Wills
      Some Key Terms
      The Probate Process
      Which Probate Court?
      Case Study
   Wills and Administrations from 1858p. 20
      The Probate Act 1857
      Wills Proved in England and Wales
      Obtaining a Copy of a Will
      The Court of Probate
      Location of Records
      Estates without Next of Kin
      Resealing in London of Scottish and Irish Wills
      Wills of the Royal Family
      Case Study
   Finding a Will Before 1858p. 28
      Online Search Strategies
      Records Held Locally
      Ecclesiastical Courts
      Which Ecclesiastical Court?
      Prerogative Court of York
      Prerogative Court of Canterbury
      Types of Records
      Other Prerogative Court of Canterbury Sources
      Other Testamentary Jurisdictions
      Non-Anglican Wills
      Extending your Search
      Case Studies
   Administrations Before 1858p. 47
      The Records
      Finding an Administration
      Additional Information from Administrations
      Administration Bonds
      Special or Limited Administrations
      Administrations Granted as Part of Probate
   Interpreting Willsp. 59
      Drafting a Will
      How were Wills Recorded?
      Likely Contents of a Will
      People Unable to Leave a Valid Will
      Reading Wills
   Inventories and Accountsp. 71
      What are Inventories?
      What are Accounts?
      Finding Inventories and Accounts
      Reading Inventories
   Death Duty Registers, 1796-1903p. 82
      Introduction to 'Death Duties'
      Short Cuts to Wills and Administrations
      Death Duty Registers as Sources
      Legacy Duty (from 1796)
      Succession Duty (from 1853)
      Estate Duty (from 1894)
      The Layout of the Registers
      Related Records at the National Archives
      Case Study
   Litigationp. 98
      People at their Worst, Records at their Best
      Disputes brought before Church, Equity and Common-Law Courts
      Disputes in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
      Signs of a Probate Dispute or Problem
      Contentious and Non-Contentious Business
      Disputes in Courts of Equity and Common Law
      Additional Sources for Research
      Records of the Courts of York
      Litigation after 1858
      Criminal Trials for Fraud over Wills and Administrations
      Non-Contentious Business
      Children and the Appointment of Guardians
      Dormant Funds or Money in Chancery
      Case Studies
   Other Probate Recordsp. 124
      Military Wills and Powers of Attorney
      Overseas Probate Courts
      Royal Wills
      Miscellaneous Series at the National Archives
      Other Major Probate Collections
      Case Studies
   Scotland, Ireland, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islandsp. 135
      Scottish Probate Records
      Irish Probate Records
      Isle of Man Wills
      Channel Island Wills
   Research Techniquesp. 141
      Wills before 1858
      Wills after 1858
      Death Duties
   The National Archives' Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PROB) Seriesp. 145
   Glossaryp. 147
   Useful Addresses and Websitesp. 152
   Further Readingp. 155
   Indexp. 157