Table of Contents
   About the new editionp. vii
   The Real Deal on All the Ways Foods Harm and Heal
   The Real Deal on Nutritionp. 2
      How Carbohydrates Harm and Healp. 3
         The Real Deal: High-Fructose Corn Syrupp. 3
      How Fats Harm and Healp. 5
      How Proteins Harm and Healp. 6
         The Real Deal: Weight Loss Trendsp. 8
      How Vitamins and Minerals Harm and Healp. 8
      How Antioxidants and Other Phytochemicals Healp. 9
         The Real Deal: Vitamin Dp. 14
   The Real Deal on Food Safetyp. 18
      Do Pesticides and Other Chemicals Harm?p. 19
         The Real Deal: Mercuryp. 19
      Do Additives Harm or Heal?p. 22
         The Real Deal: Functional Foodsp. 22
      Do Genetically Modified Foods Harm or Heal?p. 25
         The Real Deal: BPAp. 25
         The Real Deal: Factory Farmingp. 26
      How Foodborne Pathogens Harmp. 26
   The Real Deal on Eating to Healp. 28
      How Much to Eat for Healthp. 29
      How to Eat for Healthp. 30
      How to Store Foods for Healthp. 31
      How to Prepare Foods for Healthp. 31
      How to Cook for Healthp. 33
         The Real Deal: Grilling and Cancerp. 33
   Special Features
      Prebiotics & Probiotics: Beneficial Bacteriap. 16
      Dietary Supplements: Do You Need Them?p. 17
      Organic Foods: Are They Worth the Cost?p. 20
      Fast Food: Is It Possible to Eat Healthy on the Run?p. 27
      Dietary Restrictions: Should You Go Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-Free, or Gluten-Free?p. 34