Table of Contents
   Introduction: A House of Secretsp. 9
   The Road to the Death Housep. 19
   The Death Penalty Lives Againp. 33
   Good Guy/Bad Guy? Same Guy?-Proportionality and the Death Penaltyp. 55
   Black on White-Race and the Death Penaltyp. 89
   Mental Incapacity and "Evolving Standards of Decency"p. 103
   Juvenile Killers-Should They Die?p. 133
   Medicate to Execute?p. 163
   Getting Even-Retribution and the Death Penaltyp. 187
   Non-Triggermen-Just as Guilty?p. 221
   The Victims Left Behind-Do Their Opinions Count?p. 237
   The Mechanics of Deathp. 269
   "Actual Innocence"p. 281
   Ineffective Assistance of Counsel-Worst Crimes?… or Just Worst Lawyers?p. 311
   Closing Argumentsp. 335
   The Georgia Death-Penalty Statutep. 353
   Bronstein Victim Impact Statementp. 359
   Acknowledgmentsp. 365
   Notesp. 369
   List of Figure Creditsp. 397
   Indexp. 403