Table of Contents
   Forewordp. 11
   Introduction: To Your Bone-Healthy Lifep. 13
   Bone Health Basics
      Building Perfect Bones: Timing Is Everythingp. 19
      Fracture Facts: One Tough Break Leads to Anotherp. 29
      Challenges and Choices: What You Can and Cannot Changep. 41
      The Bone Cycle: Cruise Control and Overdrivep. 47
   Assessment of Bone Health
      General Evaluation: Visiting with Your Doctorp. 57
      Bone Density Scan: DXA 101p. 62
      Other Measurements: The Alphabet Soup of Imagingp. 84
      Bone Turnover Markers: Dynamic Assessmentp. 88
      Monitoring with Follow-Up DXAs: NOT One and Donep. 92
   General Measures For Bone Health
      Exercise: On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!p. 101
      Fall Prevention: Fall-Proof Yourself and YourHomep. 113
      Nutrition: Take a Bite out of Your Fracture Riskp. 118
      Calcium: It Is Essentialp. 126
      Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough of the Sunshine Vitamin?p. 142
   Therapies For Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis
      FDA-Approved Medicinesp. 171
         Introductionp. 171
         Fosamax (and Generic Alendronate); The First Kid on the Blockp. 176
         Actonel: Me, Too?p. 185
         Boniva: "The Sally Field Drug"p. 193
         Reclast: Just Once a Yearp. 199
         Estrogens: Effects on Bonep. 204
         Evista: The Designer Estrogen or "SERM"p. 209
         Calcitonin├╣Miacalcin, Fortical: The Nasal Spraysp. 215
         Forteo: A Different Approachp. 219
         Prolia: In a Class of Its Ownp. 225
         Combination Therapy: Are Two Really Better than One?p. 230
         Making a Choice: How Do the Medicines Compare?p. 234
         Off-Label Uses: What Else Is Being Treated?p. 242
         Hot Topics: Cocktail Party Conversationsp. 245
      Drugs in Developmentp. 255
         Novel Medicines: What Is in the Pipeline?p. 255
         Investigational SERMs: A Promise of an Ideal Estrogenp. 258
         Other Medicines: Available Elsewhere But Not in the United Statesp. 263
      Complementary and Alternative Medicinep. 268
         Introductionp. 268
         Fosteum: A Food Product by Prescriptionp. 269
         Soy: Pass the Tofu?p. 273
         Strontium Citrate: Is It the Same as Ranelate?p. 277
         Natural Products: Still More Questions to Be Answeredp. 279
         Vibration Therapy: Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrationsp. 286
         Physical Measures: Integrating Movementp. 290
      After a Major Fracturep. 294
         New Spine Fractures: Ways to Cement a Recoveryp. 294
         Hip Fracture: What to Expectp. 302
      Other Concernsp. 311
         How Do You Monitor Your Progress?p. 311
         Living and Coping with "Osteopenia" and Osteoporosisp. 315
         Expert Medical Advice: Asking the Right Questionsp. 319
   The Bone Connection With Common Problems And Medicines
         Pregnancy and Breastfeedingp. 325
         Premenopausal Womenp. 332
         Birth Control: Pills and Shotsp. 335
         Menstrual Problems: No Periods and Endometriosisp. 339
         Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimiap. 343
         Intestinal Problems: Celiac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Diseasep. 348
         Thyroid Problemsp. 353
         Weight Loss, Including Surgery for Weight Loss (Gastric Bypass)p. 359
         Steroid Use: Prednisonep. 363
         Rheumatoid Arthritisp. 373
         Diabetesp. 376
         Heartburn and Reflux: "GERD"p. 384
         Depressionp. 389
         Breast Cancerp. 394
         Prostate Cancerp. 402
         Long-Term Care Setting: Assisted Living and Nursing Facilitiesp. 407
   Final Thoughts
         The Bone Health Top Tenp. 417
         Putting It All Together: Tips for the Whole Familyp. 420
      Bone Healthy Shopping Listp. 429
      Big Words: Medical Terms Broken Downp. 431
      Internet Resources: Click on Itp. 434
   Acknowledgmentsp. 439
   Referencesp. 441
   Indexp. 481