Table of Contents
   Forewordp. vii
   Introductionp. xi
   Every Day is Election Day
      Six easy rulesp. 3
      Dream big; then set your goals and make a planp. 7
      Your personality self-testp. 14
      Just show upp. 22
      Every act creates ripplesp. 26
      Size does matterp. 29
      Bankroll yourself with whatever you've got; then ask others to bank on youp. 34
      Become a fund-raiserp. 40
      Create your brand; make it stand outp. 46
      You'll always be fighting for shelf space, so make sure you're a premium brandp. 51
   Take on the Big Boys
      The only limitations on you are the ones you imposep. 57
      Dive in and start swimmingp. 62
      Men are your enemies (except when they're your friends)p. 67
      Be willing to take an unyielding stand when your principles demand itp. 72
      Lead with your strength, even if it's perceived negatively by somep. 76
      Find rich and powerful people and get them to do things for youp. 79
      Use your connections to advance your cause (just like the men do)p. 85
      Don't worry if you're scaredp. 90
      You'll need the big boys (who may be big girls) most of all; don't ever forget itp. 95
      The power of sisterhoodp. 101
   You Can Never Care Too Much
      When you're working, there are no volunteers, there is no free lunch, and there sure isn't any coffee breakp. 109
      How helping others will help youp. 115
      Show you carep. 120
      You can get access to anyone, and anyone can become a convert to your causep. 125
      That "having it all" thingp. 130
      A local victory is a national one, toop. 137
   Confront, Co-Opt, Control
      Learn to negotiatep. 145
      Men will accept it when you take charge, even though they say they won'tp. 152
      Communications: a breakdownp. 156
      Negative media, damage control, and dressing for the partp. 166
      Time is not on your side; use it or lose itp. 173
      A big Election Day is never the end of the roadp. 179
      There's no success like failurep. 183
      On loyalty, which supersedes everythingp. 188
   Epilogue: Every year is the year of the womanp. 193
   Resources: Get busy nowp. 197
   Acknowledgmentsp. 231
   Indexp. 235