Table of Contents
   Introduction: Choosing to Live Wholeheartedlyp. 1
   The Technique of Meditation
      Preparing for Practice and Making the Commitmentp. 17
      Stabilizing the Mindp. 23
      The Six Points of Posturep. 29
      Breath: The Practice of Letting Gop. 37
      Attitude: Keep Coming Backp. 41
      Unconditional Friendlinessp. 47
      You Are Your Own Meditation Instructorp. 53
   Working With Thoughts
      The Monkey Mindp. 61
      The Three Levels of Discursive Thoughtp. 63
      Thoughts as the Object of Meditationp. 69
      Regard All Dharmas as Dreamsp. 73
   Working With Emotions
      Becoming Intimate with Our Emotionsp. 79
      The Space within the Emotionp. 85
      Emotions as the Object of Meditationp. 87
      Getting Our Hands Dirtyp. 93
      Hold the Experiencep. 99
      Breathing with the Emotionp. 103
      Drop the Story and Find the Feelingp. 107
   Working With Sense Perceptions
      The Sense Perceptionsp. 115
      The Interconnection of All Perceptionsp. 133
   Opening Your Heart to Include everything
      Giving Up the Strugglep. 139
      The Seven Delightsp. 145
      The Bearable Lightness of Beingp. 153
      Beliefsp. 157
      Relaxing with Groundlessnessp. 161
      Create a Circle of Practitionersp. 165
      Cultivate a Sense of Wonderp. 167
      The Way of the Bodhisattvap. 171