Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 2
   16 green home projects you can do today
      Change your light bulbsp. 8
      Help your toilet use less Waterp. 13
      Help your shower use low waterp. 20
      Install occupancy sensorsp. 25
      Install smart strips and kill switchesp. 30
      Install a programmable thermostatp. 35
      Insulate your water heaterp. 41
      Insulate your pipesp. 46
      Seal your ductingp. 50
      Use healthy paintsp. 56
      Weatherize windows and doorsp. 60
      Install solar pool heatingp. 65
      Plant native species and skip the sprinklersp. 70
      Buy a water filter Instead of bottled waterp. 76
      Install a clotheslinep. 80
      Recycle and compost your trashp. 84
   21 green me projects an do tomorrow
      Add solar powerp. 90
      Install micro-hydropowerp. 97
      Bring in natural daylightingp. 103
      Replace your windowsp. 111
      Install a whole-house fanp. 117
      Insulate your wails and atticp. 123
      Upgrade your appliancesp. 131
      Upgrade your fireplacep. 136
      Heat only the water you usep. 141
      Install a solar hot water heaterp. 147
      Install a cool roofp. 153
      Pick a green countertopp. 158
      Cover walls with healthy finishesp. 164
      Install healthy wall coveringsp. 168
      Replace vinyl with linoleum flooringp. 173
      Install cork, palm wood, or bamboo Hootingp. 178
      Install natural carpetingp. 183
      Use formaldehyde-free wood for cabinetryp. 187
      Build a composite material deckp. 191
      Harvest your rainwaterp. 196
      Disassemble, don't Demolishp. 202
   13 green home projects you can do when building new
      Reclaim your water, gray and hotp. 208
      Substitute fly ash for cement in concretep. 215
      Incorporate advanced framing techniquesp. 219
      Build with reclaimed materialsp. 226
      Build with recycled drywallp. 230
      Build with certified woodp. 235
      Build with engineered lumberp. 240
      Build with structural insulated panels (SIPs)p. 246
      Build with Insulating concrete forms (ICFs)p. 251
      Install radiant heatp. 257
      Integrate your energy systemsp. 263
      Install a green roofp. 288
      Utilize passive solar designp. 273
   Creditsp. 280
   Indexp. 281