Table of Contents
   Prelude: The Black Hole of Bile: It's Not Foreverp. XIII
   Introduction: Confessions of a Holy Whackjobp. XIX
   Drink, Pray, Cry: My Story
      Prayer, Piety, and Panic: Depression in My Younger Yearsp. 3
         Sanity Break: 9 Ways to Stop Obsessingp. 15
      BMI (Body Mass Issues): Depression in My Thighsp. 18
         Sanity Break: The Prison of Perfectionismp. 25
      Booze: The Quiet Car in My Very Loud Brainp. 27
         Sanity Break: 11 Ways You Know You're an Addictp. 35
      It's Depression: Naming the Painp. 36
         Sanity Break: Love the Questionsp. 50
      From the Maternity Ward to the Psych Ward: Four Simple Stepsp. 51
         Sanity Break: 30 Ways Motherhood Is Like Mental Illnessp. 66
      "Honey, I Think It's Time!": The Day I Crackedp. 68
         Sanity Break: How I Met My Guardian Angelp. 84
      Mind over Spoon: When Yoga and Meditation Aren't Enoughp. 88
         Sanity Break: They Just Don't Get Itp. 107
      The Land of Oz: My Happy Endingp. 111
         Sanity Break: Dear Kate: It Will Get Betterp. 123
      Exuberance: What's Underneath the Bumpsp. 125
   Beyond Blue: Or At Least Headed That Way
      No Really, I'm Not Making It Up: Depression Is a Brain Diseasep. 133
         Sanity Break: Oh Perseverancep. 146
      Work It, Girlfriend! My 12-Step Programp. 147
         Sanity Break: Guilt: My Confirmation Namep. 169
      Monkey Brains: Anxiety Under Constructionp. 172
         Sanity Break: Jesus Says to Chill Outp. 181
      Filling In the Gap: My SEF (Self-Esteem File)p. 182
         Sanity Break: Love Her: My New Mantrap. 190
      When the World Overwhelms You and You Overwhelm the World: On Being Highly Sensitivep. 192
         Sanity Break: Four Steps to Better Boundariesp. 203
      Sorry, Wrong Number: Codependency and Boundariesp. 205
         Sanity Break: Use Your Wordsp. 216
      Risking Intimacy: Sex, Marriage, and Depressionp. 218
         Sanity Break: On Marrying a Head Casep. 226
      The Least Harmful Addiction (Because I Have So Many)p. 228
   Epilogue: I, Too, Have a Dreamp. 237
   Recommended Readingp. 241
   Acknowledgmentsp. 243
   Indexp. 249
   About the Authorp. 257