Table of Contents
   Introduction: The Dark Side of Obamap. 1
   Prologue: As Bill Sees Itp. 5
   Chicago, That Toddlin' Town
      Hollow at the Corep. 15
      A Ghostly Presencep. 19
      "You Keep Out of This!"p. 23
      "You Should Know Better When Politicians Make Promises"p. 27
      The Man Who Prepared Obama for the Presidencyp. 35
   Amateur Hour at the White House
      Drinking the Obama Kool-Aidp. 55
      Bungler-in-Chiefp. 69
      Clark Kentp. 79
      Ground Zerop. 85
      Valerie v. Rahmp. 93
      The Wrath of Michellep. 105
      Out to Lunchp. 127
   With Friends Like These
      Oprah's Sacrificep. 137
      Snubbing Carolinep. 147
      The Jewish Problem with Obamap. 155
      All in the Familyp. 133
   The Obama Doctrine
      The War on General Jonesp. 193
      Mind-Meldp. 201
      The Rise of the Humanitarian Vulcansp. 213
   A One-Term Proposition?
      The "New Obama"p. 227
      In Search of the Real Obamap. 237
      The Low Roadp. 247
   Acknowledgmentsp. 259
   Sourcesp. 267
   Indexp. 267