Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 1
   Living in America
      Circle of Life
         Asian Americans as a Movementp. 11
         From Toi Shan to the Olympic Peninsula Gatewayp. 16
         The Promise of Americap. 23
      Settling In
         It's About More Than Hitting the Booksp. 31
         No Dating, Just Get Marriedp. 37
         Making a New Lifep. 44
   Aspects of Americanization
      Answering the Call
         Changing the Tide of Historyp. 51
         Into the Governor's Mansionp. 59
         Restaurant, Public Office, Even Bruce Leep. 71
         Grassroots Victoriesp. 76
         Marriage and the Green Cardp. 84
         Building an Orphanage in Chinap. 87
      Passion for Music
         Cowboy from Japanp. 93
         Jimi Hendrix of the Ukulelep. 101
         The Fortune Cookiesp. 107
      Growing Up
         From Laos to Iowap. 111
         Harlan, Kentuckyp. 115
         Growing Up in Los Angelesp. 119
         Portland, Oregonp. 128
         Growing Up in Hawaiip. 133
         Between Continentsp. 137
      Education, Expectations, Work
         Cultural Anchorsp. 142
         Of Work and Familyp. 149
         An Editor of Entertainment Newsp. 153
      Views from Within
         Chinatown, New Yorkp. 157
         Of Japanese Towns and Cultural Communitiesp. 163
         Hmong Communityp. 167
         Vietnamese in Marylandp. 178
         Living Outside of Koreatownp. 183
         Claiming Spacep. 186
      After September 11
         Very Tough Timesp. 191
         New York's Chinatown: Getting Back on Its Feetp. 195
         Within the South Asian Communityp. 198
   Journeys and Passages
         Reconnectingp. 203
         Marriagep. 212
         Being Asian, Being Gayp. 225
         Adopted, from Seoul to New Jerseyp. 228
         Foundp. 239
      Three Generations
         Of Personal Challenges and Triumphsp. 247
         Journeys of Self Discoveryp. 252
         Hapa with Strong Chinese Rootsp. 258
   Notesp. 265
   Indexp. 271