Table of Contents
   Introduction: Time to Think Outside the Boxp. xi
   The Greatest Story Ever Sold
      A Fallacy of Biblical Proportionp. 3
      A Calorie Is a Calorie-or Is It?p. 9
      Personal Responsibility versus the Obese Six-Month-Oldp. 22
   To Eat or Not to Eat? That's Not the Question
      Gluttony and Sloth-Behaviors Driven by Hormonesp. 33
      Food Addiction-Fact or Fallacyp. 48
      Stress and "Comfort Food"p. 64
   "Chewing" the Fat
      The Birth, Care, and Feeding of a Fat Cellp. 75
      The Difference Between "Fat" and "Sick"p. 85
      Metabolic Syndrome: The New Scourgep. 93
   The "Real" Toxic Environment
      The Omnivore's Curse: Low Fat versus Low Carbp. 105
      Fructose-The "Toxin"p. 117
      Fiber-Half the Antidotep. 130
      Exercise-The Other Half of the Antidotep. 139
      Micronutrients: Home Run or Hyperbole?p. 150
      Environmental "Obesogens"p. 158
      The "Empire" Strikes Back: Response of the Food Industryp. 166
   The Personal Solution
      Altering Your Food Environmentp. 183
      Altering Your Hormonal Environmentp. 209
      Last Resorts: When Altering Your Environment Isn't Enoughp. 218
   The Public Health Solution
      The "Nanny State": Personal versus Societal Responsibilityp. 229
      What Hath Government Wrought?p. 239
      A Call for Global Sugar Reductionp. 255
   Epilogue: Not a Top-Down but a Bottom-Up Movementp. 272
   Acknowledgmentsp. 277
   Notesp. 281
   Glossaryp. 303
   Indexp. 307