Table of Contents
   Introductionp. xi
   In the Beginning: Conception
      Prep Workp. 3
      Data-Driven Conceptionp. 11
      The Two-Week Waitp. 25
   The First Trimester
      The Vices: Caffeine, Alcohol, and Tobaccop. 33
      Miscarriage Fearsp. 69
      Beware of Deli Meats!p. 75
      Nausea and My Mother-in-lawp. 89
      Prenatal Screening and Testingp. 98
      The Surprising Perils of Gardeningp. 122
   The Second Trimester
      Eating for Two? You Wishp. 133
      Pink and Bluep. 147
      Working Out and Resting Upp. 152
      Drug Safetyp. 164
   The Third Trimester
      Premature Birth (and the Dangers of Bed Rest)p. 179
      High-Risk Pregnancyp. 187
      I'm Going to Be Pregnant Forever, Right?p. 194
      Labor Inductionp. 201
   Labor and Delivery
      The Labor Numbersp. 217
      To Epidural or Not to Epidural?p. 225
      Beyond Pain Reliefp. 237
      The Aftermathp. 255
      Home Birth: Progressive or Regressive? And Who Cleans the Tub?p. 262
   Epiloguep. 274
   Appendix: Quick Reference: OTC and Prescription Drugsp. 277
   Notesp. 282
   Indexp. 303