Table of Contents
   Streamline the College Selection Process and Get the Best Financial Aidp. iii
   Introductionp. vii
   High School Classes and Tests: The First Steps Toward the Best College for Youp. 1
      Where Do You Start?p. 1
      What About Your Schedule?p. 9
      What Should You Do During Your Freshman Year?p. 15
      What Should You Do During Your Sophomore Year?p. 21
      What Should You Do During Your Junior Year?p. 27
      What Should You Do Before Your Senior Year?p. 33
      What Should You Do During Your Senior Year?p. 38
      What Are AP and IB Classes?p. 45
      Should You Earn College Credits in High School?p. 50
      How Are the ACT and SAT Different?p. 56
      Should You Take the PSAT, ACT, SAT, or ASVAB?p. 63
      How Can You Improve your Chances of Doing Well on the ACT or SAT?p. 70
      Are Standardized Tests Fading in Importance?p. 76
      What Are Some Test-Taking Strategies?p. 83
      How Can Parents Help Hight School Students in the College Preparation Process?p. 88
   Starting the Search for the Best College for Youp. 96
      Who Can Be Successful in College?p. 97
      What Are College Looking for in a Student?p. 102
      What Are the Best Choices for You?p. 108
      How Do Your Begin Selecting a College?p. 114
      What Are the Differences Among Junior Colleges, State Universities, and Private Colleges?p. 119
      Do You Want to Attend College in Your Home State?p. 125
      What Are the Levels of Colleges?p. 129
      What Is the Timeline for a College Search?p. 135
      What Can You Learn from College Guides?p. 142
      What Are Some Important Details to Learn About a College?p. 148
      What Are Seven Reasons to Not Pick a College?p. 154
      What Is the Role of the Counselor?p. 159
      What Are Some Trends in College Admissions?p. 165
      How Can You Get a Good Letter of Recommendation?p. 170
      What Are the Most Popular College Majors?p. 176
      What If You Have a Learning Disability?p. 182
   College Visits: A Key Step in Finding the Best School for Youp. 188
      When Should You Visit Colleges?p. 189
      Which Colleges Should You Visit First?p. 193
      What Should You Look for on a College Visit?p. 198
      What Should You Look for in Housing and the Cafeteria?p. 203
      What Should You Do at a College Interview?p. 206
      What Are Some Recent Changes on Campus?p. 211
      What Can You Learn from Viewbooks, Brochures, and Magazines?p. 215
      What Is a College Catalog and How Should You Best Use It?p. 218
   Applying to the Best Colleges for Youp. 222
      How and When Do You Choose a Major?p. 223
      What Are Some Sources to Help You Decide on a Major?p. 226
      Why Should You Apply Early and Often?p. 231
      How Can You Increase Your Chances of Acceptance?p. 237
      When Would You Use a Resume?p. 241
      How Should You Organize Your Resume?p. 245
      Where Are You Most Likely to Get a Scholarship?p. 250
      What Are Some Common Mistakes Made in Searching for a College?p. 254
      Are You a Candidate for a Military Academy?p. 261
      What Are Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Admission?p. 266
      How Can You Prepare for Writing Essays?p. 271
      When and Why Will You Be Writing Essays?p. 275
      What Do Colleges Want to See in Essays?p. 278
   How You Can Afford the Best College for Youp. 283
      How Can You Save Money for College?p. 284
      Can You Afford College?p. 290
      What Are Scholarships, Grants, Financial Aid, Loans, and Work-Study?p. 294
      Where Can You Find Scholarships?p. 299
      Should You Attend a Scholarship Weekend?p. 304
      How Are Scholarships Applied to College Costs?p. 307
      Are There Guaranteed Scholarships?p. 310
      How Can an Athlete Obtain a Scholarship?p. 313
      Can Arrests Affect Your College Opportunities?p. 317
      Are Three Other Ways to Lose Scholarships?p. 321
      How Can You Increase Your Chances for Receiving a Good Financial Aid Package?p. 327
      What Are the Differences Among Student Loans?p. 333
      What Should You Know About the FAFSA?p. 337
      What Is an EFC?p. 342
      What Is an Award Letter?p. 347
      Which Award Letter Is Best?p. 353
      What Do You Need to Fill Out the FAFSA?p. 357
      Why Is the Timing of the FAFSA Filing Important?p. 361
      How Can Enlisting in the Military Help You Pay for College?p. 365
      What Are Some College Scams to Watch For?p. 369
   Appendix: Using the Best College for You CD-ROMp. 372
   Indexp. 375