Table of Contents
   Prologue "I Want To Tell America"p. 1
   "I Just Couldn't be Shackled": Fortunate Son, 1899-1917p. 21
   "Soft and Gut-Bucket": Becoming, a professional, 1917-1926p. 36
   "Only My Own Music": With Irving Mills, 1926-1927p. 55
   "The Utmost Significance": At the Cotton Club, 1927-1929p. 73
   "I Better Scratch Out Something": Becoming, a Genius, 1929-1930p. 95
   "A Higher Plateau": Becoming, a Star, 1931-1933p. 117
   "The Way the President Travels": On the Road, 1933-1936p. 142
   "Swing is stagnant" Diminuendo in Blue, 1936-1939p. 161
   "The Eyes in the Back of My Head" With Billy Strayhorn, 1938-1939p. 184
   "The Sea of Expectancy": The Blanton-Webster Band, 1939-1940p. 201
   "A Message for the World": Jump for Joy, 1941-1942p. 220
   "I Don't Write Jazz": Carnegie Hall 1942-1946p. 235
   "More a Business than an Art": Into the Wilderness, 1946-1955p. 257
   "I Was Born In 1956": Crescendo in Blue, 1955-1960p. 283
   "Fate's Being Kind to Me": Apotheosis, 1960-1967p. 309
   "That Big Yawning Void": Alone in a Crowd, 1967-1974p. 335
   Afterwordp. 363
   Appendix: Fifty Key Recordings by Duke Ellingtonp. 365
   Select Bibliographyp. 369
   Source Notesp. 383
   Permissionsp. 465
   Indexp. 467
   About the Authorp. 483