Table of Contents
   Prefacep. xi
   Acknowledgmentsp. xiii
   Note about Diacritical Marksp. xv
   Maps of Polandp. xvii
   General Introduction to Poland
      The Landp. 3
      Languagesp. 4
      The Peoplep. 5
      Chronologyp. 7
      Religionp. 12
      Folk Costumesp. 13
      Calendar of Holidays with Folk Customsp. 14
      Storytelling in Polandp. 21
      Folk Arts and Musicp. 24
   Food, Games, Riddles, and Nursery Rhymes
      Foodp. 27
      Games and Seasonal Activitiesp. 42
      Riddlesp. 48
      Nursery Rhymesp. 51
   Local Legends
      Lech, Cech, and Rusp. 59
      King Popielp. 61
      The Founding of the Piast Dynastyp. 63
      The Dragon of Wawelp. 65
      Queen Wandap. 66
      The Trumpeter of Krakowp. 68
      The Warsaw Mermaidp. 70
      Bazyliszekp. 72
      The Sleeping Knightsp. 74
      Pan Twardowskip. 76
      Jurata, the Baltic Queenp. 79
      Janosikp. 81
      Morskie Oko (The Eye of the Sea)p. 82
      Sobotnia Mountain or the Search for the Water of Lifep. 84
   Animal Tales
      The Righteous Rabbitp. 89
      The Lone Wolfp. 92
      The Cat and the Foxp. 95
      The Fox and the Fishermanp. 96
      Mother Owl and the Hawkp. 98
      Rabbit Stops Complainingp. 99
   Magic Tales
      The Flower of the Fernp. 103
      The Glass Mountainp. 107
      The Fool Who Searched for Fearp. 109
      Madej's Bedp. 112
      The Crown of the Snake Kingp. 115
      The Hatchet of Janosikp. 119
      The Lamb, the Tablecloth, and the Clubp. 122
      The Forbidden Chamberp. 124
      Majkap. 126
      Argelus and the Swansp. 128
   Chain Chants and Cumulative Tales
      The Pear Treep. 135
      Hen and Roosterp. 137
      Ele Mele Joeyp. 140
      The Hairy, Horned Goatp. 141
   Humorous Tales
      The Goose with One Legp. 147
      The Princess Who Would Not Laughp. 148
      The King and the Captainp. 151
      Cobbler Kopytko and His Duck Kwakp. 153
      How the Papaje Made a Journeyp. 157
      The Very Smart Sonp. 159
      The Inheritance of a Catp. 160
      Three Rascalsp. 162
      The Five Clever Girlsp. 164
      The Stork and the Duckp. 167
   Why Tales
      Two Braidsp. 171
      Why the Bee Makes Honey and the Wasp Has a Stingp. 173
      The Ages of Manp. 174
      Why Horses Are Always Hungryp. 176
      Why the Wolf Hates the Dog, the Dog Hates the Cat, and the Cat Hates Micep. 177
      Why February Is a Short Monthp. 179
      Why There Are Ice Flowers on Windows in Winterp. 180
   Religious Legends
      Saint Magdalene and the Dikep. 183
      When Jesus Traveled Through Mazoviap. 184
      Our Lady of Czestochowap. 186
      Saint Stanislaus and the Wolfp. 187
   Supernatural Creatures
      Supernatural Creaturesp. 191
   Sourcesp. 193
   Bibliographyp. 203
   Indexp. 211