Table of Contents
   Introductionp. ix
   The Blackberry Panic of 2008
      Paulson's Folly: The Needless Rescue of AIG and Wall Streetp. 3
      False Legends of Dark ATMs and Failing Banksp. 19
      Days of Crony Capitalist Plunderp. 35
   The Reagan Era Revisited: False Narratives of Our Times
      The Reagan Revolution: Repudiations and Deformationsp. 55
      Triumph of the Warfare State: How the Budget Battle Was Lostp. 70
      Triumph of the Welfare State: How the GOP Anti-Tax Religion Was Bornp. 87
      Why the Chickens Didn't Come Home to Roost: The Nixon Abomination of August 1971p. 108
   New Deal Legends and the Twilight of Sound Money
      New Deal Myths of Recoveryp. 137
      The New Deal's True Legacy: Crony Capitalism and Fiscal Demisep. 169
      War Finance and the Twilight of Sound Moneyp. 195
      Eisenhower's Defense Minimum and the Last Age of Fiscal Rectitudep. 213
      The American Empire and the End of Sound Moneyp. 235
      Milton Friedman's Folly: Rise of the T-Bill Standardp. 260
   The Age of Bubble Finance
      Pork Bellies, Floating Money, and the Rise of Speculative Financep. 281
      Greenspan 2.0p. 320
      Bull Market Culture and the Delusion of Quick Richesp. 343
      Serial Bubblesp. 361
      The Great Deformation of Capital Markets: How Wall Street Got Hugep. 382
      From Washington to Wall Street: Roots of the Great Housing Deformationp. 404
      How the Fed Brought the Gambling Mania to America's Neighborhoodsp. 425
      The Great Financial Engineering Bingep. 443
      The Great Raid on Corporate Cashp. 455
      The Rant That Shook the Eccles Building: How the Fed Got Cramer'dp. 475
      When Giant LBOs Strip-Mined the Landp. 501
      Deals Gone Wild: Rise of the Debt Zombiesp. 520
      Bonfires of Debt and the Road Not Takenp. 537
   Sundown in America: The End of Free Markets and Democracy
      Willard M. Romney and the Truman Show of Bubble Financep. 551
      Bonfires of Folly: Bernanke's False Depression Call and the $800 Billion Obama Stimulusp. 577
      Obama's Green Energy Capers: Crony Capitalist Larcenyp. 598
      The End of Free Markets: The Rampages of Crony Capitalism in the Auto Beltp. 613
      No Recovery on Main Streetp. 631
      The Bernanke Bubble: Last Gift to the 1 Percentp. 649
      Sundown in America: The State-Wreck Aheadp. 672
      Another Road That Could Be Takenp. 706
   Note on Sourcesp. 713
   Indexp. 719
   About the Authorp. 743