Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 1
   Creditp. 5
      The Rising Star: Anthony raised his credit score by 300 points while earning under $30,000
      The Fallen Angel: Joyce and Don killed $40,000 of debt in twenty-four months
      Golden: Melinda and Doug's income dropped by 80 percent, but they kept their credit rock solid
      Credit Newbies: Patricia navigated the American credit system as an immigrant
   Homes and Real Estatep. 29
      The Happy Renters: Foreclosure leads Rowena and Rodolfo to a less stressful life
      Welcome to the Foreclosure Jungle: Janet buys homes for up to 75 percent off-critters and all
      The Wannabe Hotelier: Samantha turns an underwater property into a cash cow
      The Twenty-Eight-Year-Old Landlord: Joel is a real estate mogul in the making
   Carsp. 53
      "Can't Get Any More American Than That": Robert and Cia dumped their cars for bikes and saved more than $90,000
      Confessions of a Retired Auto Salesman: Gerry sold new cars for forty years but drove one that cost him $300
      That New Car Smell: John proves that leasing isn't a lemon
   Technologyp. 69
      The Gadgeteers: Betsy and Scott slash their technology budget by $2,000 annually without suffering
      The Negotiator: Krista wheels and deals to save big bucks on monthly bills
      Requiem for a Deal: Martin has made sacrifices to stay on top of technology
   Retirementp. 89
      Keep On Truckin': Unable to retire, seventy-two-year-old Grandpa John stays behind the wheel
      Silent Endurance: At thirty-two, Mandy has amassed almost $200,000 for her future
      The Early Retiree: Hilly hangs it up ten years early. You can too!
      Welcome to the Eleventh Hour: Mike is playing catch-up on his savings at fifty
   Investingp. 111
      Gold Digger: Rick puts all his eggs into one shiny basket
      Bright Future: Mike is under twenty-five and sitting on a $50,000 retirement nest egg
      Big Sky, Big Savings: Cathy and Ned realize it's the little things that make the biggest difference in your financial picture
      All the Right Moves: Matt realizes saving for his future is as easy as pie
      Scared Stiff: Burned by the stock market, immigrants Victoria and Dan stash money under the mattress
   Energyp. 139
      BBQ My Ride: Raye and Jay use kitchen grease to fuel over $2,000 in auto savings a year
      Solar Saver: For Steve, being green is all about the money
      Off the Grid: Laura and Rutherford's EcoManor shows you can save big bucks with small changes in your home
   Living Below Your Meansp. 161
      Making Lemonade out of Lemons: Darcy exemplifies resilience by finding freebies and silver linings
      The Thrifty Dentist: On the edge of "affluenza," Steph and Steven pull back and decide to live more modestly
      El Cheapo Man and Wife: Living below their means gives Matt and Jamie the freedom to enjoy small splurges
   Entrepreneurshipp. 181
      Self-Made Man: Fired at thirty-five, Arthur Blank goes on to co-found one of the world's most successful companies
      Dress for Success: Raymond turns T-shirts into treasure with $2,000
      Dying-Everybody's Doing It: Mike turns a personal tragedy into a thriving business to help grieving families
   Travelp. 199
      Around the World on a Dime: From Dumpster diving to couch surfing, Michael made a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Antarctica
      The Savvy Business Traveler: Professional road warrior Chris reveals his secrets for scoring great deals on the go
      Staycation Paradise: Tony and Peggy show that sometimes there really is no place like home
   Familyp. 217
      Full House: It's diapers to degrees for Scott and Jeannine, raising five kids from ten months to twenty-two years
      The Great American Sandwich: For Heather and Tim, taking care of two generations meant major life changes
      Boomerang: Cesar is part of a generation of college grads moving back in with parents-even while making good money
      Meet Mr. Mom: Tony learned the hard way that his job was not recession-proof
   Health Carep. 241
      Chronic Illness and Never-Ending Bills: Heather looks on the bright side while dealing with chronic illness and medical debt-the No. 1 credit score killer
      Feet Don't Fail Me Now: Even with health insurance, small business owner Mimi struggles with medication costs
      You Gotta Have Heart: At the crossroads of health care and bargain travel, Willy discovers medical tourism and pays pennies on the dollar
      The Young and the Riskless: Sara and Travis are young, healthy, and saving a boatload of money on health care with a high-deductible health plan
   Working and Learningp. 263
      Clark Smart Classroom: With the cost of college a hardship for many, Alex finds a way to pay the bills and hone his skills
      The Graduate: Kate finds a way to defuse her share of debt from the nationÆs $1 trillion student loan time bomb before it blows
      Search and Employ: Adrift in the age of the joblet, Jannet pieces together opportunities to make ends meet
      The Iceman Cometh: Steven got laid off from an insurance giant and reinvented himself as the King of Pops in the frozen-treat business
   The Empowered Consumerp. 285
      Going Social: Megan uses technology to help other consumers spar with misbehaving businesses
      Old School: Polite persistence and a pen that's mightier than a sword allow Betty to enjoy customer satisfaction
      Expert Advice: Anita shows why sometimes calling in outside firepower is the best way to handle an insurance dispute
   Conclusionp. 305
   Acknowledgmentsp. 307
   Indexp. 309