Table of Contents
   The New World
      Thirty Minutesp. 3
      Things I Know and Don't Know About My Fatherp. 9
      Fairfax County Jail: R Cellsp. 13
      Will You Accept This Call?p. 19
      Halfway to Hellp. 24
      A Need for Spacep. 29
      The Meaning of a Tattoop. 40
      Running from Troublep. 44
      The Tale of a High School Diplomap. 53
      Joseph's Handp. 62
      Another Bullet to the Brainp. 69
      The Forgiveness Paradep. 75
      Penalties and Broken Illusionsp. 77
      Transferp. 83
   Running Toward the Past
      A Different Kind of Road Tripp. 91
      An Old Storyp. 97
      Prison 101: SRC, an Introp. 104
      The Mathematics of Reunions and a Nationp. 110
      Names and Namingp. 119
      Finally, the Knowledge or Something Close to Itp. 126
      Another Trip in the Wrong Directionp. 134
      Weedp. 142
      The People I Knewp. 147
      The Cost of a Knifep. 156
      Fishing from the Holep. 159
   We Never Know
      Fifteen Hours to a Super Maxp. 173
      How to Make a Knife in Prisonp. 177
      Sussex 1 State Prisonp. 184
      Back in the Holep. 191
      A Pile of Hair Around My Feetp. 198
      Drinking Agep. 205
      Namesp. 211
      Most of the Way Homep. 213
      The Color Linep. 221
      Pronouncing the Word Soledadp. 228
      Every Admission Amounts to Thisp. 230
   Epiloguep. 234
   Acknowledgmentsp. 239