Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 8
      How Did I Learn What I Know?
      Songwriting Principles
      Can Songwriting Be Taught?
      What's New in This Edition?
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   The Craft
      Creativity and Inspirationp. 14
         Creativity: What Is It and Do You Have It?
         Developing Your Creativity
         Motivation: Overcoming the Barriers
         Craft vs. Inspiration
         Developing a Songwriter's Consciousness
         Finding Your Own Creative Process
         Breaking Writer's Block
         Stream of Consciousness
         Problem Solving
         Developing Good Work Habits
      Subject Matterp. 28
         Finding Ideas
         The Commerciality of Subject Matter: Mass Appeal
         Writing From Emotion
         Message Songs
         Novelty Songs
         Lifestyle Songs
         Christmas Songs
      The Media and Listenersp. 42
         The Media
         A Poem Is Not a Lyric
         A Song Is Not a Record
         Writing for Radio
         Song Length
         Singles, Albums, Live Performances, Video
         The Listener: Know Your Audience
      Writing Lyricsp. 60
         First Lines
         Second Verse Curse (a.k.a. Second Verse Hell)
         Poetic Devices
         Prosody and Meter
         Lyric Context
      Constructing a Songp. 81
         Basic Principles of Commercial Songwriting
         Words and Music Together
         Chorus Construction
         Song Dynamics
      Writing Musicp. 114
         Completing Songs
         Scale Context
      Collaborationp. 132
         Why Two (Or More) Heads Can Be Better Than One
         Finding Your Match
         Can This Marriage Work?
         Collaboration Business
         Preliminary Business Meeting
         Writing As a Band-Working It Out
   The Business
      Protecting Your Songsp. 153
         The Importance of Taking Care of Business
         Your Song Is Your Property
         Copyright Registration
         Copyright Infringement
         Public Domain
         Online Resources
         Avoiding the Songsharks
      Where Your Money Comes Fromp. 169
         Methods of Payment
         Split Publishing or Co-Publishing
         Mechanical Royalties
         The Cumpulsory License
         Controlled Composition Clauses
         Performance Royalties: BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC
         Synchronization Royalties
         Music in Print
         Researching Print Music Deals
         Income From Digital Sources and the Home Recording Act
         Royalty Logic
         Royalties From the Home Recording Act of 1992
         AFM & AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund
      Publishingp. 191
         What Publishers Do
         Exploring the Possibilities
         Finding a Publisher
         Getting Feedback From Publishers
         Uncontracted Songplugging
         Single Song Contracts
         Your Chances For Advances
         Exclusive Staff Writing Positions
         Writing on Assignment
      Self-Publishingp. 217
         Why Publish Your Own Songs?
         How to Start Your Own Publishing Company
         Business Expenses and the IRS
         Casting: The Right Song for the Right Artist
         Successful Pitching Strategies
         Foreign Sub-Publishing
         Administration Deals
         Independent Songpluggers
      Demosp. 238
         Why You Need Demos
         Types of Demos
         Who Gets What and How Elaborate Does It Need to Be?
         What You Can Do at Home
         Choosing a Studio
         The Recording Process
         Demo Production Services
         CDs vs. Digital Audio Files vs. Cassettes
         Presenting Your Demo
         Using the Internet: Your Demo As Audio File
      Marketing Yourself and Your Songsp. 269
         Where Do You Start?
         Writers, Writer/Artists, and Writer/Producers in the Marketplace
         Reading Your Road Map: Researching the Music Industry
         Getting Ready to Face the Industry
         Dealing With Rejection
         In-Person Interviews
         Getting Heard in a "No Unsolicited Material" World
         Getting Through the Doors
         Making the Calls
         The Options of an Out-of-Towner
         Marketing Your Lyrics
         Organize Your Song Shopping
         Your Home on the Web
         Legal Questions About Podcasts
         Free Music Marketing Advice and Newsletters
      Additional Marketsp. 322
         Writing for Audio-Visual Media
         Production Music Libraries
         Children's Music
         Music for Video Games
         Cell Phone Ringtones and Master Tones
         Music for Commercials
         Musical Theater
      Getting a Record Dealp. 364
         The Artist vs. The Writer/Artist
         How Record Companies Listen to your Music
         The Professional Team
         The Campaign
         Your Web Site Is a Critical Factor
         Why a Major Label Deal May Not Be Best for You
         Should You Do It Yourself?
         The Future of the Music Revolution
   Songwriter's Resourcesp. 384
      For Industry Contacts
      For Getting Your Demos Directly to Music Industry Pros No Matter Where You Live
      Online Pitch Services
      Local Organizations
      National Organizations
      Local Newsletters
      Performing Rights Organizations: BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC
      Online Songwriters Resources
      Music Industry Information Sites
      The Trade Magazines
      Songwriters Print Periodicals
      Film and TV Trades
      Audio-Visual Media Tip Sheets
   Bibliographyp. 392
      Additional Recommended Books
   Indexp. 396