Table of Contents
   Forewerdp. xiii
   Introductionp. 1
      The Climate for Independent Inventorsp. 2
      Why Did I Write This Book?p. 3
      What Is in This Book?p. 3
      The Meaning of Successp. 4
      Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 1)p. 6
   Commercialization 101p. 11
      Moving from the Drafting Table to the Store Shelf
         The Dilemma of Perceived Valuep. 11
         Is the Clock Ticking?p. 13
         Prototype, Patent, or Market: Which to Do First?p. 13
         Research Your Industry: The Real First Stepp. 14
         Is Licensing Your Invention the Way to Go?p. 16
         Marketability versus Licensabilityp. 19
         What Do You Have That You Can License?p. 20
         Whom Can You License To?p. 22
         So What Does It Take?p. 23
         Keep It in Perspectivep. 24
         Case Study: Tire Technologyp. 25
   Timing Is (Almost) Everythingp. 31
      Formulating Your Patent Strategy and Protecting What's Yours
         Just What Is a Patent?p. 32
         How Necessary Is a Patent?p. 32
         Safeguarding Your Proprietary Propertyp. 32
         Patent Searchesp. 34
         Provisional Applicationsp. 39
         Shop Rights for Employers and Institutionsp. 40
         Patent Partnersp. 42
         Some Strategies for Patent Holdersp. 44
         Foreign Patentingp. 46
         Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 2)p. 47
   Merket and Industry Researchp. 51
      Your Ticket to Free Expert Advice and Lasting Business Relationships
         Just Talk to Peoplep. 51
         Market Positionp. 55
         The Consumer Product Pipelinep. 56
         Pull-Through Salesp. 61
         Mail-Order Marketsp. 62
         Interviewing for Industrial Inventionsp. 64
         Trade Associationsp. 66
         Trade Shows: What's in Them for You?p. 67
         Test Marketingp. 74
         Why Interviewing Worksp. 78
         Anticipated Costs and Timetablep. 78
         What's Next?p. 79
         Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 3)p. 80
   Time To Pick the Lineupp. 83
      Qualifying and Contacting Appropriate Licensees
         The Smooth Successp. 84
         Picking the Lineupp. 86
         Making Contactp. 90
         What Decision Makers Can Tell Youp. 91
         Disclosure Agreementsp. 97
         Your Own Disclosure Agreementp. 99
         Patent Strategy, Continuedp. 104
         Your Next Stepsp. 105
         Case Study: The Picture Perfect Deal? (Part 1)p. 107
   The Plan Comes Togetherp. 113
      Submitting to Companies and Forming a Commercialization Strategy
         A Few Words about Strategyp. 113
         What to Submitp. 115
         Initial Responses from Key Decision Makersp. 118
         Determining Your Invention's Market Valuep. 120
         Foreign Licensing and Patentingp. 124
         Structuring a Licensing Dealp. 126
         Joint Venture Opportunitiesp. 128
         Life after Rejectionp. 130
         Case Study: The Picture Perfect Deal? (Part 2)p. 133
   Brass tacksp. 145
      Negotiating Your Compensation and Other Contract Terms
         Royaltiesp. 146
         Some Thoughts on Negotiatingp. 147
         The License Contractp. 148
         Negotiating Contract Termsp. 149
         Contract Termsp. 151
         Other Termsp. 167
         Who Will Determine the Terms and Conditions?p. 169
         Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 4)p. 171
   Victory Through Teamworkp. 175
      When to Use Professional Help and How to Find the Best
         Help with Patentsp. 175
         Help with Commercializing Your Inventionp. 177
         Help with Patent Infringementp. 180
         Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 5)p. 186
   Conclusion: The End of The Rainbowp. 195
   Afterword: The Future for Inventor's Agentsp. 197
   Appendicesp. 199
      General Information Concerning Patentsp. 199
      Patent and Trademark Depository Librariesp. 216
      Invention Evaluation Criteriap. 221
      Risk/Reward Ratio Chartp. 225
      Simplified Steps: A Quick-Reference Flow Chart of the Invention Commercialization Processp. 229
      Disclosure Agreementp. 232
   Resourcesp. 235
      Government Contactsp. 235
      Government Programsp. 236
      Patent Searching and Patentingp. 240
      Private Organizationsp. 241
      Publications for Inventorsp. 245
      Research Resourcesp. 245
      Small Business Resourcesp. 249
      Special Resourcesp. 251
      Trade Showsp. 253
   Glossoryp. 255
   Patent and New Product Marketing Workbookp. 267
   Indexp. 354
   About The Authorp. 361