Table of Contents
   Acknowledgementsp. ix
   Introductionp. xiii
   Real Estate Tipsp. 273
   Starting a Business Planp. 279
   College Cost Trendsp. 283
   Government Resourcesp. 285
   Glossaryp. 295
   Indexp. 507
   Introductionp. 1
      History of Money, Banks, and Saving
      History of Credit Cards
      Our Financial Mindset
   Basic Bankingp. 15
      Credit Unions
      Managing Your Account
      Online Banking
      Paying Bills Online
      Phishing and Other Online Scams
      Personal Finance Software
   Savings and Investmentsp. 33
      Investing for Retirement
      Market Timing, Technical Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis
      Buying Stocks
      Protecting Yourself from Fraud
      Analyzing Stocks
      Helpful Financial Websites
      Mutual Funds
      Individual Retirement Accounts
      Investing in Gold
      Investing in Real Estate
      Selling Your House
      Financial Planners and Investment Advisors
   Insurancep. 105
      Home Insurance
      Insurance for Renters
      Automobile Insurance
      Health Insurance
      Life Insurance
      Small Business Insurance
   Taxesp. 131
      Federal Taxes
      Accountants and Tax Payers
      IRS Audits
      State Taxes
      Local and City Taxes
   Loansp. 153
      Paying for Houses
      Home Equity Loans
      Reverse Mortgages
      Car Loans, Leasing, and Buying
      Paying for Education
      Loans for Small Businesses
      Loans for Vacations and Paying Off Loans
   Planning Aheadp. 187
      Saving for Retirement
      Saving for Education
      Caring for Aging Parents
   Surviving Financial Crisisp. 207
      Identity Theft
      Protecting Your Privacy on the Internet
      Bankruptcy Divorce
      Death of a Spouse
      Wills and Trusts
      Getting Out of Debt
      Retaining Financial Records
   Budgetting Expertsp. 235
      Living within Your Means
      Creating a Budget
      Cutting Expenses
      Teaching Your Children about Finances
      Interesting Facts and Trends
   Credit Cardsp. 255
      Finance Rates, Interest Rates, Introductory Rates
      Eliminating Credit Card Debt
      Debit Cards, ATM Cards and Pre-paid Credit Cards
      Credit Counseling
      Debt Consolidation