Table of Contents
   Forewordp. viii
   Introductionp. 1
      A Changing Worldp. 2
      About This Bookp. 3
   GLBTQ 101p. 6
      GLBTQ Terminologyp. 7
      A Biology Lesson? The Science of GLBTQp. 10
      Your Personal Geography: Exploring Who You Arep. 15
      Myths, Generalizations, and Just Plain Absurd Ideas About GLBTQ People … and the Truthp. 18
   Homophobiap. 27
      The 411 on Hate: The Roots of Homophobiap. 28
      The Big Bad World? Homophobia in Society and at Schoolp. 31
      Responding to Homophobiap. 35
      When Homophobia = Ongoing Harassmentp. 43
      The Good Newsp. 46
   Coming Outp. 48
      What Is Coming Out All About?p. 49
      How's the Weather Out There? Deciding If You're Ready (and If It's Safe) to Come Outp. 51
      I Have Something to Tell You: Coming Out to Your Familyp. 58
      Chicas, Peeps, and Brahs: Coming Out to Your Friendsp. 64
      Coming Out at Schoolp. 65
   Life at Schoolp. 67
      School Life for GLBTQ Teens: The Big Picturep. 67
      Feeling Invisible…or Too Visiblep. 69
      Exercising Your Rights as a GLBTQ Studentp. 72
      The Voice of Authority: Talking to Teachers and Administratorsp. 77
      Club Life: Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) and Other Queer-Friendly Activitiesp. 79
      Moving On: Deciding If You Need to Change Schoolsp. 82
   GLBTQ Friendsp. 85
      Part of the Family: The Utterly Diverse, Somewhat Cohesive, Always Interesting GLBTQ Communityp. 86
      IMRU2? Meeting Other GLBTQ Teensp. 87
      Making Connections: GLBTQ Online Communitiesp. 90
      Queer Compadres: GLBTQ Friendshipsp. 92
      Straight But Not Narrow: Other Friendsp. 93
   Dating and Relationshipsp. 94
      Soul Searching: Figuring Out If You're Ready to Datep. 94
      Who Gets the Check? GLBTQ Dating Basicsp. 96
      Being ôOutö on a Datep. 100
      Singing the Breakup Bluesp. 101
      Abusive Relationships: Recognizing Them and Getting Helpp. 103
   Sex and Sexualityp. 110
      Making Sound Decisions About Sexp. 112
      Five Myths (and Truths) About GLBTQ Sexp. 118
      The Big Picture: STIs and Pregnancyp. 121
   Staying Healthyp. 129
      Chilling Out: Dealing with Stress as a GLBTQ Teenp. 130
      When Stress Turns Into Depressionp. 134
      Thinking About Drinking: Making Decisions About Alcoholp. 140
      The Truth About Tobaccop. 143
      Avoiding Drugsp. 145
   Religion and Culturep. 150
      States of Being: Religious Life and GLBTQ Lifep. 151
      Making Room in Religion: Reconciling Your Personal Beliefsp. 155
      Cultural Differences, Being GLBTQ, and Youp. 162
   Transgender Teensp. 167
      What Does It Mean to Be Transgender?p. 169
      How Do You Know? Figuring Out If You're Transgenderp. 175
      Now What? Options for Trans Teensp. 178
      Trans Pride: Responding to Transphobiap. 187
   Work, College, and Beyondp. 189
      Finding a GLBTQ-Friendly Companyp. 189
      Being GLBTQ in the Workplace: Your Decisions and Your Rightsp. 190
      A Perfect Match: Finding the Right Schoolp. 195
      Going with the Flow: Some Thoughts on Getting Olderp. 199
   Glossaryp. 200
   Resourcesp. 207
   Selected Bibliographyp. 215
   Indexp. 219
   About the Authorp. 229