Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 1
   Back to Basics
      The "Hows" of Eatingp. 9
      The "Whats" of Eatingp. 17
      Kids Are Made to Be Activep. 29
   Putting Things in Perspective
      Teaching Kids About Healthy Eatingp. 39
      Kids' Foods, or Just a Way to Market Junk?p. 45
      Help for Picky Eatersp. 51
      What Should Parents Be Eating?p. 59
   Universal Issues
      My Child's Weight Is Out of Control What Should I Do?p. 65
      What Does Getting Enough Sleep Have to Do with My Child's Weight?p. 75
      A Word to the Wise About Eating Disordersp. 83
      How Environment and Genetics Have Created an Obese Societyp. 91
      What About Calories?p. 99
   Putting It into Practice
      Recipes, Meals, and Snacksp. 107
         Breakfast: Quick and easyp. 108
         Lunch: Simple and nutritiousp. 112
         Dinner: Healthy and convenientp. 115
         Soupsp. 130
         Vegetables and Saladsp. 132
         Fabulous Fruitsp. 138
         Whole Grainsp. 140
         Super Snacksp. 142
         Dessertsp. 144
         Salad Dressings and Dipsp. 147
         Basic Sauces, Marinades, and Rubsp. 150
      Raise Your Nutritional IQ: A Detailed Look at the Five Food Groupsp. 157
      Carbohydrates, Fat, and Protein: A Detailed Look at the Major Components of Foodsp. 161
      Nutrition and Lifestyle References for Familiesp. 166
      Referencesp. 168
   Acknowledgmentsp. 181
   About the Authorsp. 182