Table of Contents
   Introduction: The Chronicle of a Crazy Child Who Found His Voicep. vii
   Gettin' Grown in the Dirty Southp. 1
   Crime and Punishment, or Chickenhead Goes to Military Schoolp. 35
   The Very Fresh Prince of the Dirty Southp. 55
   Out of My Mind and into the Dungeon Familyp. 79
   Getting Up and Getting Out: Endings and Beginningsp. 103
   A Self-Civilized Man Meets His Match and Our Mob Breaks Apartp. 123
   Perfect Imperfections: A Soul Machine Goes So Lop. 143
   A "Crazy" Great Odd Couple and Our Gnarly Trip to the Topp. 173
   How to Make Friends and Influence People by Singing "Fuck You"p. 199
   The Voices in My Head and The Voice on the Screenp. 219
   A Prodigal Son Comes Home and Atlanta Goes Greenp. 239
   Acknowledgmentsp. 257
   Permissionsp. 258
   Indexp. 260