Table of Contents
   Introductionp. xv
   The MAN-ipulatorp. 1
      The MAN-gicianp. 5
      So Boldp. 11
      Far from Sexyp. 14
      Share Slowlyp. 17
      Beware of Godly MAN-ipulatorsp. 19
      Men Want to Be Married (Even If Most Don't Know It)p. 24
   Manology after Darkp. 30
      Is Sex More Emotional or Physical for a Man?p. 33
      One-Minute Menp. 35
      Too Much Staminap. 39
      Having the Hard Conversationsp. 41
      The Hypocrisy of Headp. 49
      Never Feel Lost Without a Manp. 52
      Getting Completely Busyp. 53
      Sexternshipsp. 56
   The MAN-ogamy MAN-ifestop. 58
      Be Realisticp. 63
      Not Every Cheat Is the Samep. 65
      Cheating Doesn't Have to Define Your Relationshipp. 68
      Being Taught to Cheatp. 70
      Justifiable Infidelityp. 73
      Breaking the Man Codep. 77
      I Won't Cheat on Godp. 88
      Pick One!p. 91
      Male Pattern Blindnessp. 93
   Communicating with Your Manp. 95
      The Argumentp. 98
      The Right Time to Talkp. 102
      Unarticulated Expectationsp. 104
      Make Him Comfortable Sharing His Truthp. 111
      Show Him You're Interestedp. 114
      He Needs Constructive Criticismp. 117
   Male Validation Is His Real Motivationp. 121
      The Silent Killerp. 125
      Who Are You Working For?p. 128
      Male Groupiesp. 132
      Women Seek Validation Toop. 137
      Tell Him How Great He Isp. 139
      Don't Deny Him Validationp. 140
      Be That Security Blanketp. 145
      Being Soft Doesn't Make You a Suckap. 149
   You Can Only Change a Man When He's a Babyp. 152
      Age Ain't Nothin' But a Numberp. 155
      Men Commit to a Momentp. 160
      What's His Bottom Line?p. 162
      Men Today Are Even Harder to Changep. 165
      Show Him How to Love You!p. 167
      What's on Your MAN-u?p. 167
      Bad Boysp. 171
      Childish Waysp. 172
      Finding a MAN-torp. 174
      MAN-tors Are Out Therep. 179
      Be a Wife First!p. 182
   Stay or Go?p. 185
      You Make the Decisionp. 187
      Don't Compare Yourself to Herp. 190
      Don't Be Embarrassed to Admit He Didn't Live Up to the Hypep. 191
      Break the Dysfunctionp. 191
      Are You with a Man? Or in a Cult?p. 193
      Don't Let Him Use His Kidsp. 194
      Consistency Kills the Cat (and the Dog)p. 197
      Put a Ring on Himp. 204
      From Ruth and Boaz to BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Zp. 211
      Always Make Him Think You'll Leavep. 215
      Fall into Love, Don't Get Pushedp. 216
      Don't Independence Your Way Into Lonelinessp. 218
      Dependence vs. Independencep. 219
   A Ring Doesn't Always Equal a Winp. 221
      Men Need Newnessp. 223
      Stimulate Him Intellectually Toop. 225
      Are You Every Woman?p. 228
      Pampering Is Part of Being "Every Woman"p. 232
      What Are You Going to Do with This?p. 235
      How to Stay Winningp. 238
      Don't Put Your Kids before Your Manp. 242
      The Bedroom and the Boardroomp. 243
      Be a Professional Forgiverp. 245
   Acknowledgmentsp. 249