Table of Contents
   A Brief Introductionp. xi
   It's time for positive action
   How to be Happyp. 1
      Where we meet that adorable genius William James, turn the world upside-down, learn how to create good cheer at will, and visit the fun factory
   Attraction and Relationshipsp. 33
      Where we unpack the mysteries of the human heart, discover the power of footsie, invent a new type of speed dating, and learn how to live happily ever after
   Mental Healthp. 73
      Where we meet the "Napoleon of neuroses," find out why watching sports is bad for your health, and discover how best to deal with phobias, anxiety, and depression
   Willpowerp. 115
      Where we learn why rewards punish and discover how to motivate others, beat procrastination, stop smoking, and lose weight
   Persuasionp. 145
      Where we explore the problems of changing people's minds, find out what really manipulates the masses, and discover how cooperation can shape society
   Creating a New Youp. 187
      Where we learn how to feel more confident, change our personality, and slow the effects of aging
   Conclusionp. 233
   Where we hypnotize a woman, saw a brain in half, and discover why you really are of two minds about everything
   Appendixp. 243
   Acknowledgmentsp. 247
   Notesp. 249
   Indexp. 267