Table of Contents
   Charactersp. xiii
   Introduction: How This Book Came to Bep. xvii
   Childhood: Abandoned and Chosenp. 1
   Odd Couple: The Two Stevesp. 21
   The Dropout: Turn On, Tune In ...p. 31
   Atari and India: Zen and the Art of Game Designp. 42
   The Apple I: Turn On, Boot Up, Jack In ...p. 56
   The Apple II: Dawn of a New Agep. 71
   Chrisann and Lisa: He Who Is Abandoned ...p. 86
   Xerox and Lisa: Graphical User Interfacesp. 92
   Going Public: A Man of Wealth and Famep. 102
   The Mac Is Born: You Say You Want a Revolutionp. 108
   The Reality Distortion Field: Playing by His Own Set of Rulesp. 117
   The Design: Real Artists Simplifyp. 125
   Building the Mac: The Journey Is the Rewardp. 135
   Enter Sculley: The Pepsi Challengep. 148
   The Launch: A Dent in the Universep. 159
   Gates and Jobs: When Orbits Intersectp. 171
   Icarus: What Goes Up ...p. 180
   Next: Prometheus Unboundp. 211
   Pixar: Technology Meets Artp. 238
   A Regular Guy: Love Is Just a Four-Letter Wordp. 250
   Family Man: At Home with the Jobs Clanp. 267
   Toy Story: Buzz and Woody to the Rescuep. 284
   The Second Coming: What Rough Beast, Its Hour Come Round at Last ...p. 293
   The Restoration: The Loser Now Will Be Later to Winp. 305
   Think Different: Jobs as iCEOp. 327
   Design Principles: The Studio of Jobs and Ivep. 340
   The iMac: Hello (Again)p. 348
   CEO: Still Crazy after All These Yearsp. 358
   Apple Stores: Genius Bars and Siena Sandstonep. 368
   The Digital Hub: From iTunes to the iPodp. 378
   The iTunes Store: I'm the Pied Piperp. 394
   Music Man: The Sound Track of His Lifep. 411
   Pixar's Friends: ... and Foesp. 426
   Twenty-first-century Macs: Setting Apple Apartp. 444
   Round One: Memento Morip. 452
   The iPhone: Three Revolutionary Products in Onep. 465
   Round Two: The Cancer Recursp. 476
   The iPad: Into the Post-PC Erap. 490
   New Battles: And Echoes of Old Onesp. 511
   To Infinity: The Cloud, the Spaceship, and Beyondp. 525
   Round Three: The Twilight Strugglep. 538
   Legacy: The Brightest Heaven of Inventionp. 560
   Acknowledgmentsp. 573
   Sourcesp. 575
   Notesp. 579
   Indexp. 599