Table of Contents
   Introductionp. ix
   Principal Cast of Charactersp. xiii
   Map-Clinton Engineer Works, Tennessee, 1943-1945p. xviii
      Revelation, August 1945p. 1
   Everything Will be Taken Care of: Train to Nowhere, August 1943p. 3
      Tubealloy: The Bohemian Grove to the Appalachian Hills, September 1942p. 15
   Peaches and Pearls: The Taking of Site X, Fall 1942p. 20
      Tubealloy: Ida and the Atom, 1934p. 32
   Through the Gates: Clinton Engineer Works, Fall 1943p. 35
      Tubealloy: Lise and Fission, 1938p. 57
   Bull Pens and Creeps: The Project's Welcome for New Employeesp. 63
      Tubealloy: Leona and Success in Chicago, December 1942p. 75
   Only Temporary: Spring into Summer, 1944p. 81
      Tubealloy: The Quest for Productp. 99
   To Workp. 109
      Tubealloy: The Couriersp. 131
   Rhythms of Lifep. 133
      Tubealloy: Security, Censorship, and the Pressp. 151
   The One About the Fireflies …p. 156
      Tubealloy: Pumpkins, Spies, and Chicken Soup, Fall 1944p. 172
   The Unspoken: Sweethearts and Secretsp. 176
      Tubealloy: Combining Efforts in the New Yearp. 191
   Curiosity and Silencep. 193
      Tubealloy: The Project's Crucial Springp. 205
   Innocence Lostp. 209
      Tubealloy: Hope and the Haberdasher, April-May 1945p. 223
   Sand Jumps in the Desert, July 1945p. 232
   The Gadget Revealedp. 249
   Dawn of a Thousand Sunsp. 269
   Life in the New Agep. 286
   Epiloguep. 311
   Notesp. 317
   Acknowledgmentsp. 349
   Indexp. 353
   About the Authorp. 373