Table of Contents
   Forewordp. IX
   Introduction: Roots of Empire: "War Is a Racket"p. XI
   World War I: Wilson vs. Leninp. 1
   The New Deal: "I Welcome their Hatred"p. 45
   World War II: Who Really Defeated Germany?p. 87
   The Bomb: The Tragedy of a Small Manp. 131
   The Cold War: Who Started It?p. 181
   Eisenhower: A Not So Pretty Picturep. 227
   JFK: "The Most Dangerous Moment in History"p. 273
   LBJ: Empire Derailedp. 325
   Nixon and Kissinger: The "Madman" and the "Psychopath"p. 355
   Collapse of Detente: Darkness at Noonp. 391
   The Reagan Years: Death Squads for Democracyp. 421
   The Cold War Ends: Squandered Opportunitiesp. 463
   The Bush-Cheney Debacle: "The Gates of Hell are Open in Iraq"p. 499
   Obama: Managing a Wounded Empirep. 549
   Acknowledgmentsp. 617
   Notesp. 619
   Photo Creditsp. 711
   Indexp. 713