Table of Contents
   Introduction: What's So Cosmic About a Burrito?p. 1
   You Mean Mexico Gave the World More Than Just Tacos?p. 11
   Whatever Happened to the Chili Queens and Tamale Kings?p. 29
   How Did the Taco Become Popular Before Mexicans Flooded the United States?p. 50
   Who Were the Enchilada Millionaires, and How Did They Change Mexican Food?p. 71
   How Did Americans Become Experts at Writing Cookbooks on Mexican Food?p. 86
   Whatever Happened to Southwestern Cuisine?p. 108
   Is Tex-Mex Food Doomed?p. 122
   What Took the Burrito So Long to Become Popular?p. 139
   When Did Mexicans Start Making Food for Mexicans?p. 157
   How Did Mexican Food Get into Our Supermarkets?p. 175
   Is the Tortilla God's Favored Method of Communication?p. 195
   How Did Salsa Become America's Top-Selling Condiment?p. 215
   Tequila? Tequila!p. 230
   What Are the Five Greatest Mexican Meals in the United States?p. 245
   Conclusionp. 265
   Postscriptp. 271
   Notesp. 275
   Acknowledgmentsp. 289
   Indexp. 291