Table of Contents
   Forewordp. 4
   Geographyp. 7
      Somewhere in the Middle
         At a Glancep. 8
            What's the Weather Like?
            Fast Facts
            Average Temperature & Rainfall
            Physical Map
      Special Feature: Poland's Waterwayp. 13
      Special Feature: An Accidental Desertp. 15
   Naturep. 17
      Ancient Nature
         At a Glancep. 18
            Varied Wildlife
            Species at Risk
            Vegetation & Ecosystems Map
      Special Feature: Welcome Back Bisonp. 21
      Special Feature: An Unlikely Nature Reservep. 23
      Special Feature: Who Gives a Hoot?p. 25
   Historyp. 27
      Crossroads of Europe
         At a Glancep. 28
            Polish Rule
            Time line
            Historical Map
      Special Feature: Underground City of Saltp. 31
      Special Feature: Where Is the World?p. 32
      Special Feature: September 11, 1683p. 33
      Special Feature: The Home Armyp. 35
      Special Feature: Workers' Solidarityp. 36
   People & Culturep. 39
      A Catholic Culture
         At a Glancep. 40
            A Changing Population
            Common Polish Phrases
            Population Map
      Special Feature: Passion Playsp. 42
      Special Feature: National Holidaysp. 44
      Special Feature: Chopin Polonaisep. 45
      Special Feature: The City of Culturep. 46
      Special Feature: Watching, Waiting, and Eatingp. 47
   Government & Economyp. 49
      The European Dream
         At a Glancep. 50
            Dictators and Democracy
            Trading Partners
            Political Map
      Special Feature: How the Government Worksp. 52
      Special Feature Map: Industryp. 54
      Special Feature: The Polish Popep. 55
      Special Feature: Lech Walesap. 57
   Add a Little Extra to Your Country Report!p. 58
   Glossaryp. 60
   Further Informationp. 61
   Indexp. 62
   Creditsp. 64