Table of Contents
   The Pink Bermuda Triangle
   High-Stakes Drama, for the Bargain Price of Fifty Dollars
   The Jungles of Central Florida
   Streaking for the Cause
   HowDoesOne Recover from a Wooden Animal Party?
   Sit Back, Breathe, BeDazzle
   Bridget Benson Caters to Your Every Need!
   Showdown at Redneck Randy's
   Visine Up, Baby!
   Pearls of Wisdom
   InLiquid CocaineVeritas
   Everything Looks Better (or at Least More Interesting) the Morning
   A Soft Spot for Bearded Ladies
   New Course of Action
   Stakeout Sisters
   Some Serious Scary-Movie Stuff
   Jade + Jed 4Ever! A Brief Lucas Interlude--
   Deep Thoughts
   How It All Shook Out
   About the Author