Table of Contents
   Introduction: Why Talk to Your Dog about Physics?: An Introduction to Quantum Physicsp. 1
   Which Way? Both Ways: Particle-Wave Dualityp. 9
   Where's My Bone? The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principlep. 35
   Schrödinger's Dog: The Copenhagen Interpretationp. 55
   Many Worlds, Many Treats: The Many-Worlds Interpretationp. 81
   Are We There Yet? The Quantum Zeno Effectp. 105
   No Digging Required: Quantum Tunnelingp. 119
   Spooky Barking at a Distance: Quantum Entanglementp. 139
   Beam Me a Bunny: Quantum Teleportationp. 165
   Bunnies Made of Cheese: Virtual Particles and Quantum Electrodynamicsp. 189
   Beware of Evil Squirrels: Misuses of Quantum Physicsp. 209
   Acknowledgmentsp. 227
   Further Readingp. 229
   Glossary of Important Termsp. 231