Table of Contents
   Prologuep. 1
   You Have Brought Me into Hell!p. 11
      The Rights of Humanityp. 13
         Washington and the Moral Logic of War
         Jefferson's Savage Enlightenment
         Franklin and the Mythology of the Revolution
      The Rules of Civilized Warfarep. 49
         The Art of Neutrality
         A Path to War
         American War, American Slavery
      A False Feeling of Mercyp. 79
         Lawyers, Soldiers, and Seamen
         The God of Scalps
         Andrew Jackson and the Militia Tradition
      Rules of Wrongp. 109
   A Few Things Barbarous or Cruelp. 139
      We Don't Practise the Law of Nationsp. 141
         A Strange Inconsistency
         Dog Eat Dog
         Hero of the Hour
      Blood Is the Rich Dew of Historyp. 170
         Would to God, I, Too, Could Act!
         Clausewitz in New York
         Guerrillas in Missouri
      Act of Justicep. 197
         Worse Than Savages
         The Highest Principles Known to Christian Civilization
         Abstain from All Violence
      To Save the Countryp. 220
         Simply as Men
         Responsible to God
         No Distinction of Color
      Smashing Things to the Seap. 250
         A Most Solemn Obligation
         Holt's Bright Young Men
         Which Party Can Whip
      Soldiers and Gentlemenp. 285
         To Assassinate Everybody
         A Citizen of Indiana
         Combatants in Open War
   The Howling Desertp. 325
      Glenn's Brigadep. 327
         Stay the Hand of Retribution
         The House in the Wood
         To the Philippines and Back Again
   Epiloguep. 366
   Appendix: Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Fieldp. 375
   Acknowledgmentsp. 395
   Abbreviations Used in the Notesp. 399
   Notesp. 401
   Illustration Creditsp. 471
   Indexp. 475