Table of Contents
   Your Companion on the Path to U.S. Citizenshipp. 1
   Deciding Whether to Apply for Citizenshipp. 5
      The Disadvantages of Applying for Citizenshipp. 6
      The Advantages of U.S. Citizenshipp. 18
   Are You Eligible for U.S. Citizenship?p. 25
      Confirming Your Permanent Resident Statusp. 28
      Your Physical Location During Permanent Residencyp. 42
      The Age Requirementp. 58
      Demonstrating Good Moral Characterp. 58
      English Language Skillsp. 80
      The U.S. History and Government Examp. 81
      Loyalty to the U.Sp. 84
      Overview: Are You Ready to Apply?p. 87
   Preparing and Submitting Your Applicationp. 89
      What You'll Put in Your Application Packetp. 91
      Preparing Your Cover Letterp. 94
      Filling Out USCIS Form N-400p. 94
      Submitting the Applicationp. 107
   Between Filing and Interview: Dealing With the Waitp. 131
      Improving Your Eligibility for Citizenshipp. 132
      Tracking Your Application and Dealing With Delaysp. 133
      If You Move or Go on Vacationp. 144
      Requesting Emergency Attentionp. 146
      When All Else Fails, Call Your U.S. Congresspersonp. 147
   Preparing for the English Examp. 149
      How Much English You'll Need to Knowp. 150
      How USCIS Tests Your Englishp. 151
      Study Resourcesp. 157
   Preparing for the U.S. History and Government Examp. 159
      Your Exam Preparation Strategyp. 160
      Learning the Answers to the 100 Questionsp. 162
      The 20 Questions for Applicants Age 65 and Olderp. 181
   Overcoming Disability When Applying for Citizenshipp. 195
      How to Become the Applicant's Designated Representativep. 197
      Accommodating Your Disability.p. 200
      Obtaining a Disability-Based Waiver of the Exam Requirementsp. 204
      Requesting a Waiver of the Oath of Allegiance Requirementp. 214
   The Interviewp. 217
      Final Preparationp. 221
      The Interviewp. 227
      If the Interview Goes Badlyp. 234
      Approval or Denial: What's Next?p. 235
   Denials, Appeals, and Repeat Interviewsp. 239
      Retaking the Examsp. 240
      Providing More Documentsp. 241
      Choosing to Appeal or Reapplyp. 246
      How to Appealp. 249
      What to Do If You Lose the Appealp. 259
      Reapplying for Citizenshipp. 259
   Legal Help Beyond This Bookp. 263
      When Do You Need a Lawyer?p. 264
      Gather Names of Prospective Attorneysp. 266
      Avoid Sleazy Lawyersp. 267
      Choosing Among Lawyersp. 269
      Signing Up Your Lawyerp. 274
      Firing Your Lawyerp. 276
      Do-It-Yourself Legal Researchp. 277
   After You Are Approvedp. 283
      The Swearing-in Ceremonyp. 284
      How to Prove Your Citizenshipp. 290
      Registering to Votep. 291
      Citizenship for Your Childrenp. 291
      Helping Other Family Members Immigratep. 296
   Glossaryp. 301
   Indexp. 309