Table of Contents
   Your Legal Companionp. 1
   The Basics
      Patents and Patent Searchingp. 5
         What Is a Patent and What Does It Do for Me?p. 6
         What Is Prior Art?p. 7
         What Is the PTO Patent Database?p. 9
         Patent Searching and Patent Eligibilityp. 10
         The Easy Part: Statutory Subject Matter and Usefulnessp. 10
         Novelty: Is Your Invention New?p. 11
         Nonobviousness: Is Your Invention Obvious?p. 15
         The Patent Documentp. 19
      Understanding Patent Databasesp. 27
         How Information Is Entered Into the Databasep. 28
         Understanding Keyword Searchingp. 29
         What You Need to Search Patent Databasesp. 40
   Simple and Advanced Searching
      Patent Searching at the PTO Websitep. 45
         Simple Keyword Searches at the PTO's Websitep. 46
         Searching the Manual of Classificationp. 58
         Search by Patent Numberp. 70
         Working With Patent Imagesp. 72
         An Effective Strategy for Basic Patent Searchesp. 79
      Advanced Search Techniquesp. 85
         How to Accomplish an Advanced Patent Search at the PTO Websitep. 86
         Searching Published Patent Applications at the PTO's Websitep. 104
      Patent Searching at the EPO Websitep. 111
         Patent Searching at the EPOp. 112
      Other Patent Search Websitesp. 129
         SurfIPp. 130
         Google Patent Searchp. 137
         Fee-Based Patent-Searching Websitesp. 144
      Additional Sources of Prior Artp. 147
         Googlep. 148
         The Thomas Registerp. 154
         Government Websitesp. 157
         Usenet Newsgroupsp. 161
         Trade Magazines, Books, and Storesp. 165
      Hitting the Booksp. 169
         Index to the U.S. Patent Classification Systemp. 170
         Manual of Classificationp. 175
         Classification Definitionsp. 177
      Using Cassisp. 187
         The Cassis DVD Databasep. 188
         Welcome to Cassis2p. 188
         Additional Cassis Featuresp. 199
      East Meets Westp. 201
         Web-based Examiner Search Tool (West)p. 203
         Examiner Automated Search Tool (East)p. 209
         Additional East/West Featuresp. 214
   Glossaryp. 215
   Reference Collection of U.S. Patents Available for Public Use in Patent and Trademark Depository Librariesp. 223
   Formsp. 229