Table of Contents
   Your Legal Companion
   Patents and Intellectual Property Law
      What Is a Patent?p. 6
      The Three Types of Patentsp. 7
      Patent Rightsp. 8
      The Requirements for Obtaining a Patentp. 8
      How Long Do Patent Rights Last?p. 9
      How Patent Rights Can Be Lostp. 9
      Intellectual Property-The Big Picturep. 10
      Trademarksp. 11
      Copyrightp. 12
      Trade Secretsp. 15
      Unfair Competitionp. 18
   Qualifying for a Patent
      Legal Requirements for a Utility Patentp. 20
      Statutory Classesp. 21
      Utilityp. 25
      Novelty and Prior Artp. 27
      Nonobviousnessp. 34
      Legal Requirements for a Design Patentp. 42
      Legal Requirements for a Plant Patentp. 45
   Invention Documentation
      The Importance of Documentationp. 48
      Lab Notebookp. 49
      Invention Disclosurep. 52
      Documenting Reduction to Practice: Provisional Patent Applicationp. 52
      Trade Secret Considerationsp. 54
   Patent Searching
      Principles of Patent Searchingp. 58
      Hiring a Patent Searcherp. 59
      Do-It-Yourself Searchingp. 61
   Reading and Writing Patents
      Elements of a Patentp. 75
      Invention and Inventor Datap. 75
      Specificationp. 75
      Claimsp. 86
      Abstractp. 91
      Drawingsp. 94
      Preparation of a Patent Applicationp. 94
   Patent Prosecution and the PTO
      Patent Prosecution: The Road to Allowancep. 108
      Responding to a Final Office Actionp. 118
      Additional Application Issuesp. 120
      Design Patent Prosecutionp. 122
   Patent Ownership
      The Inventor Is Initial Owner of Patent Rightsp. 126
      Employee Inventionsp. 126
      Joint Ownersp. 131
   Patent Infringement
      What Is Patent Infringement?p. 138
      Who Can Sue, Who Can Be Sued?p. 143
      Stopping Patent Infringementp. 144
      Defenses to Patent Infringementp. 149
      Ending Disputes Without a Lawsuitp. 153
   International Patent Law
      Introduction to Foreign Patent Treaties and Lawsp. 156
      Putting It Together: The Most Common Route for U.S. Inventors Seeking Foreign Patent Coveragep. 160
      The Paris Convention and the One-Year Foreign Filing Rulep. 160
      The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)p. 162
      European Patent Office (EPO)p. 164
      Locating Foreign Patent Agentsp. 165
   Help Beyond This Book
      Inventor Resourcesp. 172
      Patents and Intellectual Property Resourcesp. 172
      Working With an Attorneyp. 174