Table of Contents
   Introductionp. ix
      America has met the enemy-teachers
   Good-Bye Too Soonp. 1
      Wait! I don't want to leave these kids. And they don't want me to leave.
      Voices of Teachers around the Country: James Boutin, Seattle, Washington
   The Almighty Principalp. 23
      Take it from a teacher: "Run! Run away! Really, I mean it!"
   Meet the Teachersp. 41
      Can you find the lazy do-nothings in this picture?
   My Students and Mep. 63
      In this class, we're all writers. Voices of Teachers around the Country: Corinne Driscoll, Syracuse, New York
   The Rulesp. 89
      The power of positive delusion as an organizing principle.
   Classroom Managementp. 101
      This is the "secret sauce." But what's the recipe?
   What Has Four Wheels and Flies?p. 111
      The life of the traveling teacher.
   Not High School as You Remember Itp. 127
      The music department is kept in a closet. And the library…what library?
   Teaching, Step by Stepp. 137
      How to perform choreography with a stopwatch.
   Bad Movesp. 147
      Never poke the principal.
   Judgment Dazep. 165
      How can we tell who's good and who's bad?
      Voices of Teachers around the Country: Mr. "X," Southwest Florida
   Cheaters' Paradisep. 189
      Those who insist they aren't lying are liars.
      Voices of Teachers around the Country: Mrs. Chili, New England
   What I Learnedp. 203
      Ten things about education that nobody wants to hear these days.
   What We Can Dop. 231
      There is hope. Here's how to help.
   Epiloguep. 239
   Bibliographyp. 242
   Acknowledgmentsp. 245
   About the Authorp. 246