Table of Contents
   Introduction: It Takes Less Than a Minute to Reject Your Bookp. xiii
   Editorial Reasons for Rejectionp. 1
      Your Writing Is Crapp. 2
      You Lied to Mep. 6
      You Insulted Me or My Companyp. 11
      We're Already Publishing a Similar Bookp. 16
      Your Target Audience Is Too Bigp. 20
      Your Target Audience Is Too Smallp. 25
      Your Target Audience Isn't My Target Audiencep. 31
      Your Book Is Too Extremep. 36
      Your Ideas Conflict with My Values and/or My Company's Valuesp. 41
      Your Book Tries to Do Too Muchp. 46
      Your Word Count Is Too Long or Too Shortp. 50
      You Are Not Credible on the Topic You Want to Write Aboutp. 56
      You Didn't Do Your Homeworkp. 60
      You Are Lazyp. 65
      You Didn't Pass the ôFirst Line Testöp. 70
      My Publishing List Is Packed for the Next Eighteen Monthsp. 75
      Had a Fight with My Spouse and/or Children Just Before I Read Your Proposalp. 79
      You Didn't Eschew Obfuscationp. 83
      You Pitched Me Two Awful Ideas in a Rowp. 87
      Your Agent Pitched Me Two Awful Ideas in a Rowp. 92
      You Don't Have an Agentp. 97
      You Didn't Give Me Enough Writing Samplesp. 102
      I've Rejected This Book Beforep. 107
      You Are Clueless about Copyright Lawp. 111
      Your Book Is Boringp. 116
      You Took the D-Trainp. 120
      Your Project Is Unoriginalp. 125
      Your Cover Letter Was Too Longp. 129
      You Stink at Grammar and Spellingp. 133
      You Didn't Give Me a Complete Proposalp. 138
      Bottom Line-You Didn't Do Enough of My Job for Mep. 142
   Marketing Reasons for Rejectionp. 147
      You Have No Idea What It Means to Market a Bookp. 148
      You Have No Legitimate Means for Promoting a Bookp. 152
      You Don't Understand the Difference between Features and Benefitsp. 157
      You Have No PR-Worthy Accomplishmentsp. 161
      You Are Not Able to Run a Grassroots Publicity Campaign for Yourselfp. 165 Reviewers Don't Like Youp. 170
      You Have No Internet Presencep. 175
      Your Internet Presence Is Shoddy and Unprofessionalp. 179
      You Are Not Engaged/Poorly Engaged in Social Mediap. 183
      Your Title Stinksp. 187
      Your Introduction Is Uselessp. 192
      You Look Unprofessionalp. 197
      You Are a Poor Verbal and/or Informal Communicatorp. 202
      You Demonstrate No Knowledge/Faulty Knowledge of Your Competitionp. 206
      There's Too Much Competition for Your Bookp. 211
      You Aren't Able to Significantly Differentiate Your Book from the Competitionp. 215
      You Can't Quickly Evoke the Right Emotions When Talking about Your Bookp. 220
      You Can't Provide Impactful Endorsements for Your Workp. 224
      My Marketing Team Tried to Promote a Similar Book in the Past, and It Failedp. 229
      My Marketing VP Is Unfairly Prejudiced Against Youp. 233
      My Marketing VP Doesn't Care about Your Topic-and Doesn't Think Anyone Else Will Eitherp. 237
      Bottom Line-You Weren't Good to Mamap. 241
   Sales Reasons for Rejectionp. 245
      You Are Not a Celebrityp. 246
      There Is No ôBrandwagonö Trend You Can Latch Ontop. 250
      You Have No Sales History to Speak Ofp. 256
      You Have a Sales History, and It Sucksp. 260
      You Self-Published Yourself into Oblivionp. 264
      Women Just Aren't That Into Youp. 269
      My Sales VP Thinks of You as an Unknown (the ôNo Froofiesö Rule)p. 274
      My Sales VP Is Hostile toward Me or My Editorial VP, and Is Sabotaging Our Careers by Undervaluing Proposals We Bring to Publishing Boardp. 278
      My Sales VP Can't (or Won't) See the Futurep. 282
      You Are the Wrong Genderp. 286
      You Have Unrealistic Expectations about Your Publishing Potentialp. 291
      You Don't Know Why People Buy Booksp. 296
      Other Books We've Done Similar to Yours Did Not Sell According to Expectationsp. 300
      Nothing Similar to Your Book Shows Up on Industry Bestseller Listsp. 304
      You Can't Identify Specific Sales Channels That Your Book Will Sell Throughp. 308
      Your Book Costs Too Much to Makep. 312
      You Want Too Much Moneyp. 316
      Your Novel Is Not a ôRomanceöp. 321
      My Sales Team Is Struggling to Sell Our Current Line of Booksp. 326
      There Is No Real Sequel Potential for Your Bookp. 330
      My Sales VP Asked a Spouse/Friend/Baby-sitter if They Would Buy Your Book, and the Response Was Unenthusiasticp. 335
      My Sales Team Asked a Few Key Book Buyers if They Would Stock Your Book, and Their Response Was Unenthusiasticp. 339
      Your Book Failed a Focus Groupp. 344
      Bottom Line-Not Enough Profit Potentialp. 348
   Afterwordp. 352
   Appendix: Recommended Resources for Writersp. 355
   Acknowledgmentsp. 359
   About the Authorp. 361