Table of Contents
   prologue: "The Company Jewels"p. xi
   salt sugar fat
      "Exploiting the Biology of the Child"p. 3
      "How Do You Get People to Crave?"p. 25
      "Convenience with a Capital 'C'"p. 45
      "Is It Cereal or Candy?"p. 68
      "I Want to See a Lot of Body Bags"p. 95
      "A Burst of Fruity Aroma"p. 121
   salt sugar fat
      "That Gooey, Sticky Mouthfeel"p. 145
      "Liquid Gold"p. 160
      "Lunchtime Is All Yours"p. 182
      "The Message the Government Conveys"p. 212
      "No Sugar, No Fat, No Sales"p. 236
   salt sugar fat
      "People Love Salt"p. 267
      "The Same Great Salty Taste Your Customers Crave"p. 285
      "I Feel So Sorry for the Public"p. 302
   epilogue: "We're Hooked on Inexpensive Food"p. 331
   acknowledgmentsp. 349
   a note on sourcesp. 353
   notesp. 357
   selected bibliographyp. 417
   indexp. 423