Table of Contents
   How to Enter The Classroomp. xv
   The New American Dreamp. 3
         Making Change
         The Dreams of Tomorrow Reside in Today's Choices
         The Money Class Curriculum
   Stand In Your Truthp. 11
      Finding Your Truth: A Personal Financial Accountingp. 13
      Living Truthfully: How To Stand Tall In Your Realityp. 15
         Focus on What Is Real Today... and What You Will Need Tomorrow
         Live Below Your Means but Within Your Needs
         The Pleasure of Saving Is Equal to the Pleasure of Spending
         Define Yourself by Who You Are, Not What You Have
      The Foundation Of All Truthful Living: The Power Of Cashp. 21
         Debit Card Rules
         The "Life Happens" Fund
         Credit Unions: A Great Place to Save
         Safety First with Your Savings
         Saving for Big-Ticket Items
         The Truth Will Indeed Set You Free
   Familyp. 28
      How to Build Honest Family Relationsp. 31
         Opening the Lines of Communication
      How To Raise Young Children To Stand In The Truthp. 34
         Your Priceless Legacy
         Set the Right Tone
         Imparting Good Values When It Comes to Money
         Money Lessons for Children
         Money Lessons for Tweens and Teens
         Money Lessons for Teenagers Heading to College
         How to Handle Money Gifts and Savings
         The Three-Option Approach
      How To Create a Financially Honest College Strategyp. 48
         Who Should Save for College
         The Best Way to Save for College: 529 Plans
         Coverdell Accounts
         How to Invest Your 529 Plan
         The College Talk Every Parent Must Have with a High School Freshman
         Borrowing Rules for College Loans
         The Risks of Private Loans for College
         Stafford Loans
         PLUS Loans
         How to Choose the Right School
      How To Help Adult Children Facing Financial Challengesp. 64
         How to Handle Student Loans That Are in Default
         How and When to Help Independent Children Who Are in Financial Trouble
      The Conversation Every Adult Child Should Have With His Or Her Parentsp. 69
         Building Family Financial Security Under One Roof
         Updating Legal Documents
         When a Parent Remarries
      Advice For Grandparents: How to Build a Lasting Legacyp. 73
         Follow the Parents' Lead
         Pay It Forward
         Give Experiences, Not Things
   Homep. 77
      The Truth About Home Valuesp. 81
         A Decade of Extremes
         A Home Is a Savings Account, Not a Hot Stock
         Financing Is Cheap, but Not Easy
      When It Makes Sense To Rentp. 84
         The Math of Rent vs. Buy
         Advice for Owners Who Now Want to Rent
      The New Rules Of Buying a Homep. 87
         Set a Budget That Satisfies Your Needs
         Know Your Income Limits
         Aim to Make a 20% Down Payment
         A Special Note About FHA-Insured Loans
         Special Rules for Buying Condos and Co-ops
         Where to Come Up with the Down Payment
         Opt for a 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage
         Understand the Risk of Distressed Property
      What To Do If You Are Underwaterp. 98
         If You Are Underwater and Cannot Afford Your Mortgage
         Loan Modificaiton
         Short Sale
         If You Are Underwater but You Can Afford the Mortgage
      How To Reduce Mortgage Costsp. 110
         When It Makes Sense to Pay Off a Loan Ahead of Schedule
         The New Realities of Refinancing
         Refinancing Rules
         Lower Your Mortgage Costs Without a Refinance
      The Dangers Of Home Equity Lines Of Creditp. 114
         The Dangers of Rising Interest Rates and Falling Behind on Payments
         Home Equity Loans
      Reverse Mortgagesp. 116
         Reverse Mortgage Basics
      Investing In Real Estatep. 119
         What You Need to Know Before You Buy Investment Property
         What to Do with an Investment Property That Is Underwater
   Careerp. 122
      Advice For The Employedp. 125
         Build Your Plan-for-the-Worst Fund
         Live Below Today's Means
         Grab Your Full Retirement Bonus
         Make Your Case for a Raise and Promotion Through Your Work
         How to Ask for a Raise
         Change Your Attitude Before You Change Your Job
      Advice For The Unemployedp. 133
         Cut Your Spending Immediately
         Do Not Dip into Your Retirement Savings
         Make Sure Your Credit Profile Remains Strong
         Do Not Go Back to School to Avoid a Hard Job Market
         Get to Work as Fast as Possible, Rather Than Holding Out for a Better Offer
         How to Deal with a Steep Pay Cut
         A Special Note for Stay-at-Home Moms
      Starting (And Running) Your Own Businessp. 139
         Launching a Business: Can You Afford It?
         Where to Get the Money to Start Your Business
         A Few Words About Micro Lending
         Running Your Own Business
         When to Expand
         When to Close
         Standing in Your Truth in Business
         Closing Down a Business Responsibly
            A Note About the Retirement Classesp. 153
            The Money Navigator: A Special Offer for Readers of The Money Classp. 154
   Retirement Planning: Getting Going In Your 20S And 30Sp. 155
      Time Is Your Greatest Assetp. 159
         Getting Started Early
         With Lower Returns, Savings Are More Important Than Ever
      Retirement Accounts Explainedp. 161
         Retirement Plans Offered by Employers
         Retirement Plan Withdrawal Rules
         Non-Workplace Retirement Accounts
         Nondeductible IRAs
         Roth IRAs
         Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed
      How Much You Need To Save For Retirementp. 166
         The Retirement Formula
         The Best 401(k) and IRA Strategy
         A Word on Vesting
         Where to Open an IRA Account
      Investing Your Retirement Moneyp. 173
         The Ups and Downs of the Stock Market
         Dollar Cost Averaging
         How Much to Invest in Stocks
         Choosing the Best Options Within Your 401(k)
         How to Build the Best 401(k) Investment Portfolio
         Exchange Traded Funds
         Bond Investments
         Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid
         What to Do with Your 401(k) When You Leave a Job
   Retirement Planning: Fine-Tuning It In Your 40S And 50Sp. 190
      Deciding When It Makes Sense To Pay Off Your Mortgagep. 194
         Questions to Ask Yourself
         The Benefits of Paying Off Your Mortgage
         How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Ahead of Schedule
      Have A Realistic Plan For Working Until Age 66-67p. 203
         Your Work-Longer Game Plan
      Delay Your Social Security Benefitp. 207
         Social Security Basics
         Social Security Strategies
      Estimate Your Retirement Income: How Are You Doing?p. 214
         Social Security Benefits
         Retirement Accounts
         Lump Sum vs. Annuity
      Saving More, And Investing Strategies In Your 50Sp. 223
         How to Invest Smart
         Making the Most of What You Have
         Best Investments Outside Your 401(k)
         Bond Investments
         No Target Funds Allowed
      Plan For Long-Term Care Costsp. 234
         When to Buy
         Making the Financial Case for LTC Insurance
         Health Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid
         LTC Basics
   Living In Retirementp. 248
      Home Finances: Stand In The Truth Of What Is Affordable For Youp. 251
         The Affordability Issue
         Start the Discussion
      Coping With The High Cost Of Healthcare In Retirementp. 253
         Rising Costs vs. Your Annual Retirement Income
         Long-Term Care Premium Increases
      Stick To a Sustainable Withdrawal Ratep. 255
         The Right Rate
         How to Make Tax-Smart Withdrawals
      Avoid Long-Term Bonds And Bond Fundsp. 259
         What You Must Understand About Bonds
         How to Build a Bond Ladder
         Beyond Treasury Bonds: Municipal Bonds and Corporate Bonds
      Earn Higher Yields by Investing In Dividend-Paying ETFS And Stocksp. 264
         The Case for Dividend-Paying ETFs and Stocks
         Stock Dividend Basics
         The Protection of a Stop-Loss Order
         How Much to Invest
         How to Choose a Dividend-Focused ETF
         Tips for Owning Individual Dividend-Paying Stocks
      Double-Check Your Beneficiaries And Must-Have Documentsp. 275
         Life-Changing Events
   The Ultimate Lessonp. 277
         Clearing My Own Roadblocks
         The Road Ahead, Not the Rearview Mirror
         The Legacy We Create