Table of Contents
   Map: First-Century Palestinep. xiii
   The Temple in Jerusalemp. xv
   Author's Notep. xvii
   Introductionp. xxiii
   Chronologyp. xxxiii
   Prologue: A Different Sort of Sacrificep. 3
      A Hole in the Cornerp. 10
      King of the Jewsp. 17
      You Know Where I Am Fromp. 25
      The Fourth Philosophyp. 34
      Where Is Your Fleet to Sweep the Roman Seas?p. 46
      Year Onep. 57
   Prologue: Zeal for Your Housep. 73
      The Voice Crying Out in the Wildernessp. 80
      Follow Mep. 90
      By the Finger of Godp. 103
      May Your Kingdom Comep. 115
      Who Do You Say I Am?p. 127
      No King but Caesarp. 146
   Prologue: God Made Fleshp. 163
      If Christ Has Not Been Risenp. 172
      Am I Not an Apostle?p. 183
      The Just Onep. 197
   Epilogue: True God from True Godp. 213
   Acknowledgmentsp. 217
   Notesp. 219
   Bibliographyp. 273
   Indexp. 283