Table of Contents
   Acknowledgmentsp. ix
   What? Me? Retire?p. 1
      The Imagined Dichotomyp. 3
      Two Goals ... and Some Non-Goalsp. 4
      Definitions and a Pencilp. 9
      Start Immediately. Now. Right Away.p. 13
      Plan Your Prosperityp. 14
   My Goals Are ... What?p. 17
      Why Is This So Hard?p. 20
      Your Investing Goals, Simplyp. 24
      Potential Pitfall: Capital Preservation and Growthp. 26
      Inflation's Insidious Impactp. 29
      Three Percent, Compoundedp. 35
   The Secret Code-Asset Allocation or Benchmark?p. 37
      Benchmark-A Road Map and Measuring Stickp. 40
      Picking a Benchmarkp. 42
      The Big Decision-Asset Allocationp. 45
      Potential Pitfall: Age Doesn't Equal Asset Allocationp. 49
      Benchmark Versus Asset Allocation-What's the Difference?p. 50
   Time Horizon-Longer Than You Thinkp. 59
      Potential Pitfall: Ignoring Opportunity Costp. 62
      Time Horizon-What Is It?p. 64
      Time Horizon and Benchmarkp. 68
   What's in a Return?p. 73
      Growth Definedp. 77
      The Past as a Guide?p. 81
      Gordon Moore and Endless Innovationp. 90
      Potential Pitfall: Unrealistic Expectationsp. 92
   Getting That Cash Flowp. 97
      Potential Pitfall-The All High-Dividend Portfoliop. 100
      How Much Do You Need?p. 103
      Monte Carlo-Not Just a Casinop. 107
      Let's Get Bootstrappingp. 109
   Can I Get There?p. 117
      How Much Do You Have?p. 120
      A Savings Planp. 123
   Putting It All Togetherp. 131
      To Benchmark or Not to Benchmarkp. 134
      State Your Goalsp. 136
      Know Where You Arep. 137
      Picking an Appropriate Benchmarkp. 138
      Finding Professional Helpp. 140
      Avoid Being a Fraud Victimp. 143
      And You're Off!p. 143
   All Hail the Mighty Dowp. 145
   Cash Flow Versus Expensesp. 155
   Expense Categoriesp. 161
   Personal Balance Sheetp. 165
   Notesp. 169
   About the Authorsp. 173
   Indexp. 175