Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 1
   Getting Your Marketing Bearingsp. 7
      Framing the Marketing Processp. 9
      All about Customersp. 19
      Seeing Your Product through Your Customers′ Eyesp. 35
      Sizing Up Competitors and Staking Out Market Sharep. 53
      Setting Your Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Budgetsp. 63
   Laying the Foundation for Marketing Successp. 75
      Taking Stock of Your Business Imagep. 77
      Forging Your Brandp. 91
      Creating Marketing Communications That Workp. 107
      Hiring Help When You Need Itp. 125
   Marketing in a Screen-Connected Worldp. 139
      Establishing an Online Presencep. 141
      Getting Interactive with Social Mediap. 159
      Packaging Your Message for Blogs and Other Online Channelsp. 179
   Getting the Word Out with Ads, Mailers, Promotions, and Publicityp. 193
      Creating and Placing Print and Outdoor Adsp. 195
      Broadcasting Your Message on Radio, TV, and Onlinep. 213
      Snail-Mailing and E-Mailing Your Customers Directlyp. 227
      Brochures, Promotions, Trade Shows, and Morep. 245
      Public Relations and Publicityp. 265
   Winning and Keeping Customersp. 281
      Making Impressions through Networking and Presentationsp. 283
      Making the Salep. 295
      Enhancing Customer Service and Developing Loyaltyp. 307
   The Part of Tensp. 323
      Ten Questions to Answer before Choosing a Business Namep. 325
      Ten Ways to Attract People to Your Business Onlinep. 329
      Ten Steps to a Great Marketing Planp. 335
   Appendix: About the CDp. 341
   Indexp. 349