Table of Contents
   Introductionp. 1
   Assessing Your Financial Fitness and Setting Goalsp. 7
      Improving Your Financial Literacyp. 9
      Measuring Your Financial Healthp. 21
      Managing Where Your Money Goesp. 41
      Establishing and Achieving Goalsp. 53
   Spending Less, Saving Morep. 75
      Dealing with Debtp. 77
      Reducing Your Spendingp. 95
      Trimming Your Taxesp. 123
   Building Wealth through Investingp. 147
      Considering Important Investment Conceptsp. 149
      Understanding Your Investment Choicesp. 177
      Investing in Fundsp. 197
      Investing in Retirement Accountsp. 215
      Investing in Taxable Accountsp. 237
      Investing for Educational Expensesp. 251
      Investing in Real Estate: Your Home and Beyondp. 263
   Insurance: Protecting What You Havep. 305
      Insurance: Getting What You Need at the Best Pricep. 307
      Insurance on You: Life, Disability, and Healthp. 325
      Covering Your Assetsp. 349
   Where to Go for More Helpp. 363
      Working with Financial Plannersp. 365
      Using a Computer to Manage Your Moneyp. 383
      On Air and in Printp. 395
   The Part of Tensp. 401
      Survival Guide for Ten Life Changesp. 403
      Ten Tactics to Thwart Identity Theft and Fraudp. 417
   Glossaryp. 423
   Indexp. 439