Table of Contents
   Forewordp. xi
   Prefacep. xv
   Acknowledgmentsp. xix
   Introductionp. xxi
   The Gift of Money: Money 101p. 1
      The Value of Moneyp. 3
      Money Beliefsp. 4
   The Gift of Purpose: Personal Principles and Goalsp. 7
      Personal Principlesp. 7
      Goalsp. 10
   The Gift of Discipline: Household Cash Flowp. 17
      Personal Financial Statementsp. 17
      Financial Crisesp. 25
   The Gift of Enough: Debt and Financial Freedomp. 27
      Financial Freedomp. 28
      The Danger of Discontentp. 29
      Emergency Reservesp. 32
      Bad Debtp. 35
      Better Debtp. 39
      Economics and Emotionsp. 41
      The Cure for Morep. 43
   The Gift of Discernment: Risk Management Decisionsp. 45
      The Accidentp. 47
      Risk Management Techniquesp. 48
      How Insurance Worksp. 50
   The Gift of Security: Life Insurancep. 55
      Life Insurance: Why?p. 55
      Life Insurance Needsp. 59
      Life Insurance: How?p. 62
      Life Insurance Wantsp. 67
      Different Types of Life Insurancep. 70
      Purchasing Life Insurancep. 73
   The Gift of Certainty: Auto, Home, and Liability Insurancep. 77
      Auto Insurancep. 79
      HomeownerÆs Insurancep. 82
   Excess Liability (Umbrella) Insurancep. 84
   The Gift of Health: Health, Disability Income, and Long-Term Care Insurancep. 87
   Health Insurancep. 89
   Types of Plansp. 89
   HSAs and FSAsp. 90
   Recent Health Insurance Changesp. 93
   Disability Income Insurancep. 95
   DI Moving Piecesp. 96
   Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicarep. 99
   Long-Term Care Insurancep. 100
   LTC Moving Piecesp. 101
   The Gift of Clarity: Investing and Portfolio Managementp. 107
   Stocks and Bondsp. 109
   All Things Considered Equal?p. 111
   Mutual Fundsp. 112
   Economic Analysisp. 115
   Market Valuation Analysisp. 117
   Technical Market Analysisp. 118
   Efficient or Not?p. 119
   Passive versus Activep. 119
   Investing with ôStyleöp. 121
   The Gift of Transparency: Annuitiesp. 131
   The Gift of Preparation: Tax Planningp. 147
   The Gift of Learning: Education Planningp. 159
   The Gift of Fulfillment: Retirement Planningp. 175
   The Ultimate Gift: Estate Planningp. 197
   The Gift of Discretion: Choosing a Financial Advisorp. 217
   The Gift of Action: Your Plan for Money and Lifep. 233